Best of Both Worlds podcast: All about Tranquility by Tuesday

This week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds is all about Tranquility by Tuesday!

But wait, you say…isn’t the book out next week?

Yes — October 11th. But if you listen to the Best of Both Worlds podcast, then you already know I exist (most likely…even if you’re coming to listen to Sarah, which is why I listen to the podcast, and I just try to ignore the sound of my own voice…). As pre-orders are incredibly helpful for a book’s success, we decided to air this episode one week before launch. Also, listeners can still get in on the pre-order campaign bonuses.

Sarah interviews me about the origin of the book, and how I ran the Tranquility by Tuesday project. We talk about what rules she likes and which she’s a little less sold on. And we offer some suggestions on how to find little adventures, even in a busy life.

Please give the episode a listen! As always, we welcome ratings and reviews. And I would appreciate if you’d pre-order a copy of Tranquility by Tuesday (and/or ask your library to order it). If you already have pre-ordered, please tell friends about the book! And the podcast. Word of mouth is truly how we grow.

(And don’t worry, we will be back to non-TBT content next week!)

10 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: All about Tranquility by Tuesday

  1. Hi, I’m aware you have dynamic advertising on your podcast but would really like not to hear political ads (for adjacent states where I can’t even vote) when I’m listening. Is there a way that you could select not to have political ads from your ad network? You and Sarah don’t discuss political items on your podcast (rather intentionally as I recall), so it feels incongruous to have to listen to political ads to listen to your podcast. Thanks.

    1. @Katie – I’m so sorry you heard a political ad. Yes, we have dynamic insertion for unsold spots (and which would allow people to hear local ads) but I thought we had put politics in the “no” category alongside things like cigarettes and gambling…I’m checking with our ad folks now to make sure the preferences are updated.

      1. I have never heard political ads and have listened to the podcast a long time! Maybe it’s a regional thing?

        Just ordered the book! Excited for it! I have been in a little reading slump lately and I know this will be just the thing to invigorate my reading life this fall. (Productivity books are my favorites!)

        1. @Grateful Kae – maybe you’re somewhere without a closely contested election? I’m getting junk mail daily and all our local TV stations are filled up with Senate ads…

          1. Sorry- I should clarify. I hear lots of political ads “everywhere else” on TV/radio/etc., but I don’t recall ever hearing them on your podcast, I mean.

      2. Thanks for checking on this. I was surprised to hear a political ad while I listened to the podcast too today. I don’t remember hearing one before.

      3. Update – our preferences have been updated and political/candidate/election ads should now be on the never list. My apologies to anyone who got those in their ad feed today!

    1. @Lisa – thank you! So fun that you heard me on Happier. That was definitely a goal of mine to be on there!

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