Best of Both Worlds podcast: Routines with routine-crafting expert Ashley Brown

Routines are critical for a productive life. Chosen well, they make good choices automatic.

That’s why we are big fans of routines here at Best of Both Worlds. And so we were delighted to welcome routine-crafting expert Ashley Brown (a former Best Laid Plans guest!) to the podcast for this week’s episode.

Ashley talks about her career journey from nursing through being a stay-at-home mom, to nurse education, to business owner. Her company, Routine & Things, is launching a new planner in October, which you can learn more about at her site.

In the meantime, I’m happy to report that my family has more or less gotten into a morning and evening routine. The kids get where they are going. They get in bed long enough before wake-up time to make the proper amount of sleep possible. Both routines are, alas, long. But they exist, so there’s that.

If you’ve got routines that are saving your life right now be sure to let us know about them! Now I just need to figure out a better exercise routine…

In other news: For our Patreon community — Sarah will be conducting this month’s online meet-up on Thursday, September 22 at noon eastern. Check out the Patreon members’ page for the Zoom link!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Routines with routine-crafting expert Ashley Brown

  1. I’m still looking for my fall routine! The kids have had so many days off in September (including Monday, in honour of the Queen’s funeral – I live in Canada) and our extracurricular commitments are much higher than any other year. For the most part life is going well, but I’m definitely NOT settled into a predictable rhythm yet.

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