Audiobooks, Mommy Day #2

I recorded just shy of half the audio book of Tranquility by Tuesday today. My voice is tired! I had a few thoughts. One is that I like the book. I guess that is good as there’s no changing things at this point!

And second, I have an incredibly gurgly tummy. This is not something I think much about in daily life, but when there is a high-powered microphone picking up everything…whoa. I had to stop every few sentences for a bit after lunch.

This weekend my daughter and I did our Mommy Day together (well, really, a Mommy Few Hours…). We got lunch at Panera, where she enjoyed a mac and cheese bread bowl. Then we went to a spa that does a lot of Mommy and Me packages.

It was fine – in retrospect, I think I should have booked more individual services rather than the package. But we enjoyed hanging out together and then we did some accessories shopping at Claires. It was a good day – and then I got home and put the 2-year-old down for a nap and got to truly relax for a while reading a magazine in bed.

My husband and I then took the youngest two kids to the Adventure Aquarium in Camden on Sunday as the week’s other adventure. The 7-year-old was not happy about going and said it was the “worst day of my life” but I have photographic evidence of him smiling when he saw sharks… Sometimes we just have to go for the adventure anyway.

Tomorrow, another day of recording. Maybe I can figure out something to eat that doesn’t make my stomach gurgle…

3 thoughts on “Audiobooks, Mommy Day #2

  1. I just listened to an episode of “What Should I Read Next” about audiobooks. The professional reader said she always puts a pillow in her stomach so that the mic won’t pick up her stomach growling.

  2. I was going to say the same thing that AM, did! You should listen to Anne’ interview of Julie Whelan! But she def had the same stomach issues that you do!

    I love your 7yo’s dramatic depiction of your adventure. Worst day of my life!! Bhahahaha! Kids can be so dramatic.

  3. I almost laughed out loud. I took my 6 year old to a water fall. He wanted to go on the rocks, and I gave in, and he cut his foot and I had to piggy back him back up the hill. That was also the worst day of his life. Zero stars, he said.

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