Three times a week

I got up at 6 a.m. again this morning and ran loops outside before anyone else got up. It felt good to run in the early morning before the day’s heat started boiling. So I’ve now done three early morning weekday runs this week. Since I subscribe to Tranquility by Tuesday Rule #4, “Three times a week is a habit,” that means that I am now officially a weekday morning runner. Excellent.

Life and the schedule will probably keep it from happening during the workweek next week. I’m going to be filming some Tranquility by Tuesday videos (“TBT In Real Life”) and the childcare situation is still uncertain. But 20 minutes in the morning isn’t that much. We shall see.

The camp driving continues to eat a big chunk of each day. In one particular carline, they have two lanes and I feel like I always choose the wrong lane. This has become something of a daily obsession.

My Medium column this week looked at How to Help Someone Else Spend Their Time Better (Yes, It Is Possible). People do change, but only because they want to change, not because someone else has badgered them enough. So, in general, best to resort to other approaches.

I was going to try to take the kids peach and blueberry picking this weekend but it looks like the forecast will be hot enough that this would be incredibly unpleasant. I know there will be haircuts. Everyone is starting to look a little ridiculous!

3 thoughts on “Three times a week

  1. We espouse a no haircuts approach to summer. We do haircuts in June before graduations and such and then again the week before Labor day so everyone is freshly shorn for school. Some of my boys look sillier than others, but for now it works for us. What I am really interested to see is what my almost 15 yo looks like after choosing not to take a razor to camp for 4 weeks!

    1. I do this too! My daughter is obsessed with growing her hair out, so I just trim it at home a few times a year, but I always take my son to the hairdresser in mid-June and then again just before school starts.

  2. Aww, getting up before everyone else is even more enjoyable during the summer when you are together all the time for the rest of the day. Sounds great. And I love the no haircut policy for summer!

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