Best of Both Worlds Podcast: Getting Expert Advice on Beauty & Style with Style Space

Back in December, when I was brainstorming 2022 goals, I threw “learning to do my make-up” into the mix. I am happy to report that I made progress on that front, thanks to today’s Best of Both Worlds guests!

This week’s episode looks at make-up and styling. Jenny Eversole, a longtime BOBW listener, owns Style Space, a virtual styling platform. Her stylists offer individual sessions on wardrobe, accessories, and make-up. Make-up artist and clean beauty expert Rebecca Kirkwood did two sessions with me, one on making over my make-up bag (basically, studying my face and telling me what to buy), and then after I had made my online purchases, “Flawless in 15 Minutes” on how to apply all the new stuff.

It was an enlightening experience. I ventured into the world of ILIA and Kosas (a step up from my drug store fare). I learned that liquid and cream products tend to produce a dewier glow than powder. I embraced the genius of the ILIA Multi-Stick, which can be used as a cream blush, and using eye-shadow and mascara instead of eyeliner. Rebecca taught me that while we can use foundation (e.g. my new ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40) plus concealer to help cover some under-eye circles, what really minimizes them is to make your eyes pop with the right make-up up there. Including a brow product. Trust me, I had never gone there before.

Also, I was told to stop wearing brown-colored lipstick and have switched to a light pink. The brown one was a bit too 90s, apparently, which is funny, since that’s likely when I chose the shade.

Anyway, Sarah did a style session on accessories and we all talked about when to use a stylist, some online videos that are helpful for adults (no crazy contouring!) and other great topics. So please give the episode a listen, and if you’re looking for make-up (or accessory or wardrobe) help, check out Style Space.


6 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds Podcast: Getting Expert Advice on Beauty & Style with Style Space

  1. Hi Laura I remember when you got the makeover you posted a picture of yourself with your new makeup. I also know you’re on vacation right now but when you come back would you mind including the photo in here so we can see? I just turned 30 and I also need to learn “how to do make up”!

    1. Hi there! This is Rebecca, the makeup artist who helped Laura and spoke on the podcast. I know before and afters are so much fun to see, so I wanted to share the link to the styling session she took. This has a few before and after photos of other clients wearing everyday makeup similar to what is taught in the lesson. Hope this helps!

  2. This is such perfect timing – my buddies and I were just pondering a group “how to do makeup in your 40s” lesson. Maybe a virtual platform could work!

    Would love to see the before and after photos, if you’d be game to share!

  3. I want to see before/after pictures, too! My make-up routine really changed after the pandemic, and my skin is so much clearer! I pretty much never wore make-up when WFH. Now that I am back in the office, I wear concealer, eyeliner, and mascara but that’s it. I tried using a tinted moisturizer that was very light weight and my skin immediately started to break out so I gave up on that. I have acne-prone skin so wearing less make-up has really really helped.

    I need to check out Ilia’s products. Since having kids, I have really focused on using “clean” products. I mostly use Beautycounter, but I don’t love their mascara and have heard good things about Ilia. I could probably still benefit from a tutorial because my undereye circles are so terrible. But maybe they are less noticeable to others since people focus on your eyes and not your undereye circles, as one of the guests said!

    I want to see your before/after picture, too! And hearing about you getting make-up done for tv reminded me of the time I did a make-up trial before my wedding. And then I had to go return something and felt so self-conscious to be out with a VERY FULL face of make-up. Which looked great on my wedding day, but wasn’t great for a regular Tuesday night.

    1. Hi Lisa, have you tried double cleansing when you wear makeup? The idea is that you wash your face twice. First you do it with a miscellar water or an oil based cleanser to get the make up off, and then you use a normal cleanser to clean your skin. I find that double cleansing helps me not break out on those days where I do wear heavy make up. Thought I’d share!

    2. Hi Lisa! This is Rebecca, the makeup artist who helped Laura and was a guest on the podcast. I’m so glad you’ve discovered clean products… becoming a mom is how I go into them too. 🙂 I also have acne-prone skin and have done a lot of testing to find a tinted moisturizer that doesn’t break me out. So far I have had the best luck with Kosas Tinted Oil, but it’s a bit more coverage than tinted moisturizer. Alternatively, I love layering concealer over my moisturizer so I only get coverage where I need it, and can let my skin otherwise breathe. There are also some wonderful powder foundations that can be great for oily/acne prone skin (but if you’re dry and acne-prone, it’s not the best fit.)

      For covering under-eye circles, it takes a little practice to figure out the right amount of concealer that works best, but usually less is more! And don’t forget the eye cream first. 🙂

      Yes, finding the perfect mascara can be so tricky! Everyone’s face is different in terms of how much oil we produce on our eyelids and the shape of our eyelids which effects how mascara can sit. If you’d like personalized recommendations, feel free to find me on Style Space.

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