Best of Both Worlds podcast: All about anxiety with Maggie Sarachek of the Anxiety Sisters

Anxiety is an eternal emotion, but the past few years have dished up more than their fair share of anxiety-magnifying events. Left unchecked, anxiety can keep us from enjoying life in the present.

In this week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, Sarah interviews clinical social worker Maggie Sarachek who, along with Abbe Greenberg, comprise the “Anxiety Sisters.” Their online community helps those dealing with anxiety cope with life in healthy ways. They are also the authors of The Anxiety Sisters’ Survival Guide: How You Can Become More Hopeful, Connected, and Happy. Listen in for actionable tips for dealing with anxiety in the workplace, postpartum anxiety, and OCD, among other topics.

In the Q&A, Sarah and I tackle a question from a listener who writes in seeking advice about strategies for returning from a sabbatical. The short answer: see if you can keep the parts you like, while not stressing if you can’t keep every good habit. Life has different seasons.

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