Friday miscellany: Weekend divvying, etc.

Today is rainy. It’s going to rain all weekend around here. This always complicates the weekend schedule because any outdoor sporting activities might get canceled.

In theory, open weekend time is relaxing, but this is only true if you don’t have toddlers. In this week’s Medium column, I talk about “How Parents Can Still Relax On Weekends.” The key in two-parent families, with a hat tip to past podcast guest Molly Beck who suggested this, is to explicitly divvy up the hours. Even if you are hanging out as a family, say which parent is in charge when. This allows both of you to relax for at least some amount of time.

(And of course not all families can do this, but if you’re on your own, figuring out a swap with a neighbor/relative/friend might achieve some of the same goal.)

My husband and I did this last weekend and I thought it went reasonably well. I liked knowing I would get a few hours on Saturday afternoon to do my own thing without feeling like I had to ask, or feign an errand to get away (my husband feigns yard work), or anything like that.

It is Mother’s Day on Sunday. This is my annual PSA that if you expect to be brought breakfast in bed, tell the folks doing this that you would appreciate the coffee be brought to you as a first course. Then they can take as long as they want doing whatever it is they are doing in the kitchen.

This will not happen for me as I have to be out the door on time on Sunday morning for choir rehearsal. I have asked for a hammock as a present. We shall see if this is remembered. My husband did send me roses on behalf of the kids, which was nice.

The next Best of Both Worlds Patreon meet-up is going to be May 26th at noon. We’ll be talking all things summer reading. So if you’ve been thinking about joining, please be sure to do so before then!

I’ve recently found out I will be in Las Vegas for several days in late June. If anyone has recommendations for night-time activities post conference stuff (the S&P 500 is the extent of my gambling…) I welcome them! It is a Monday and Tuesday night so unfortunately a lot of the major concert/residency events don’t play then. What have you done while attending a conference?

Photo: Wisteria from a recent trip to Chanticleer garden — my “little adventure” for the week

12 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Weekend divvying, etc.

  1. Last time I was in Las Vegas, we went to a discount ticket booth for same day tickets. It lent an element of spontaneity to the evening, which was fun. If you don’t have an interest in a particular show, it would also be easy to meet up with others at the conference and plan for the evening at lunch or the end of the day.

  2. I went to Vegas years ago, and I don’t drink or gamble. My favorite thing was a show with an animal trainer who trained CATS to do tricks. I also saw The Lion King with discount tickets.

    1. @Jennifer – I’m thinking of doing something like Cirque du Soleil, or Blue Man Group…they seem to be running perpetually!

  3. The mob museum is great and open until 9pm. Not sure of it is open every day however.

    1. The Mob Museum is open every day 9am-9pm. On a Monday or Tuesday, the Underground Speakeasy and Distillery is open noon – 10pm

  4. There’s some great food in Vegas off the strip. Lotus of Siam has some of the best Thai food in the country (get the Penang short ribs), and Raku has amazing Japanese food including homemade tofu.

  5. I’ve really enjoyed every Cirque du Soleil show I’ve attended – Ka and O were particular favourites (not sure if they are still playing or not). If you see O, splurge for tickets on the lower levels so you can’t see the stage pieces moving under the water and taking away some of the magic.

  6. Bobby Flay’s Amalfi restaurant is on my Vegas list. Canyon Ranch Spa inside The Venetian is lovely if you get tired of shows and eating!

  7. A Cirque show would be a high recommendation. Also there is small mini hiking at Fire Valley State Park and Red Rock Canyon both not far from the strip.

  8. I am finding myself delighted by the mental image of a husband feigning yard work. That really gave me a laugh.

  9. Hubs and I went to Vegas for Valentine’s day and had the same difficulty finding Monday and Tuesday shows. The first night we saw a Cirque show – my second time at a Cirque show and…I think I am just not a Cirque person. The second night we saw Absinthe – a much less polished and more risque show than Cirque, and I would gladly see it again in a heartbeat.

  10. You could meet up with me in Las Vegas! When will you be here? The Mob Museum is great. I also recommend Springs Preserve/Nevada State Museum.

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