Book Giveaway! (The May 2022 Edition)

I’m so excited about my next book, Tranquility by Tuesday, which is coming out this fall. In the meantime, I realized that it is possible (probable, even!) that some folks who read this blog have not read all of my other time management books.

So I want to help you with that. Over the next month, I’m giving away copies of my previous time management titles: 168 Hours, What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, I Know How She Does It, Off the Clock, and Juliet’s School of Possibilities.

To enter, leave a comment here answering this question: If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, what would you do?

Six winners will be randomly selected from entries (winners can choose which title they’d like).

The giveaway closes Friday, May 13th at noon EST. I’ll contact the winners no later than May 26th to get mailing details and ask which book each winner would like (and if they’d like the books inscribed to somebody). The giveaway is open to continental US readers only. Thanks for entering!


536 thoughts on “Book Giveaway! (The May 2022 Edition)

  1. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d take my dog out for a walk (15 min), run an errand or organize/clean something at home (30 min), then take the remaining 15 min to read and stretch.

    1. I would take a walk with my husband, daughter, or dog(whoever is home) and then spend some time reading and Journaling. If something needed to be done with the dishes, I would also take care of that as I like having that area as clean as possible.

    2. If I had a free hour, I’d use it to meditate and stretch, and prep breakfast for the next few days.

    3. I would love an hour to hang out at my neighborhood coffee shop and just read, spend some quiet reflective time thinking about life and planning, while doing a little bit of people watching.

    4. I would love to lay on the couch and watch a tv show (of my choosing) to allow my mind to settle for a bit.

    5. Take that massage I have a gift card that been waiting to be used and use it as a double edge sword, heal my body after surgery and use the hour to reflect on how to move forward after losing 7 weeks to a first failed surgery. It’s time to find myself again

    6. I’d choose some pretty wool and dedicate the extra time to knitting or crocheting a thoughtful gift for a friend.

    7. I would go through my Mom’s photo albums and find the happy memories to help me through my grief of losing her. Make mini albums for my sister and my son.

    8. I would READ! One of my new year’s resolutions is to read 50 books this year and I’m well on my way. I have been reading about one book each week. If I win this contest, it will only help me in reaching my goal, lol! 😉

    9. I would visit my Dad. He lives in an assisted living center. His short-term memory is shot, but his memories of things past is great! I’m trying to make a system to work his memory and record what he can remember now before all of that knowledge is lost. He is 88.

    10. I would spend it packing to move to our new home. Of course, after the move my response would be unpacking!

    11. go for a quick bike ride – read a book (a novel – not an esp. productive/work-oriented book!)

    12. I would use it to organize my garage. It’s always an afterthought because it’s “out of sight, out of mind” most of the time. If I were to invest a free hour in controlling the chaos of strollers, bikes, and sports equipment, it would pay dividends for some time after that in terms of being able to quickly locate the items we need. Plus, my exercise bike is in the garage, so more organization would equal more calming workouts!

    13. I would take the time for myself and go out for a quiet walk. I work in public health, it has been a busy 2+ years.

    14. The 1st thing I’d do is grab an iced coffee, then I’d probably play catch-up with errands or little tasks around the house—boring maybe, but I’ll be thankful later.

    15. I would scrapbook. I’m still on year 2017 and my now 5 year old wonders why she has doesn’t have as many scrapbooks as her siblings.

    16. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I’d go for a walk in the woods (assuming the weather was cooperating!) If it was raining, I’d read a book and/or work on a blanket I’m (still) knitting!

    17. I would love to sit and have a drink outside on a pretty patio with a dear friend or two. Now that the weather is getting nice and the sun is shining, I would love to just sit out and enjoy the breeze with a cold drink and good company!

    18. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would go out to the pool and get some vitamin D and enjoy the sunshine here in Southern California.

    19. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would retreat to my garden, sit among some beautiful flowers and read the one book I have been wanting to read for a long time, Juliet’s School of Possibilities.

  2. If the weather was nice, I’d grab a blanket to sit by the lake at the park and read a book sipping lemonade. If it’s not nice out, I’d take a relaxing bath with candles, a bath bomb, a glass of wine and again a good book

  3. I’d find my husband to hang out with him, even with our kids now teenagers time together is hard to come by.

  4. If it was in winter I would spend it curled up on the sofa reading, if it were summer I would spend it in a lounge chair by the pool reading.

  5. I would grab a picnic blanket and a book and drive to our local Lake. I’d read a little bit also just enjoy the nature, stare at some clouds and relax.

  6. If an hour opened up on a random Tuesday, I would pour a cup of tea or a glass of wine (depending on the time of day!), sit on the porch and read a book.

  7. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would probably read a book or take a walk while listening to a podcast. If I had some advance warning that this hour would become available, I might try to set up a coffee date with a friend or my husband!

  8. I would probably fall asleep while reading. This is my favorite way to relax and, unless I am truly exhausted, I wake up on my own after napping for 25 minutes.

  9. I would pick my granddaughter up early from daycare and have extra time at the playground on the way home.

  10. This is so fun. Thank you for the chance. Love all of your books!
    I would take fifteen minutes to do a speed clean, take my dogs on a thirty minute walk (while hopefully listening to a new podcast by YOU) and than have some nice quiet time sitting on the porch with a beer. 🙂

  11. If I had an hour open up on a Tuesday, and I was not at work (though, I’ve made the car nap work), I’d take a nap (1st pregnancy & they’re not kidding about the bone crushing exhaustion). If I knew in advance, of a free hour, I might cross stitch and listen to a podcast with my husband… And then take a nap.

  12. Corrected version:
    If another hour opened up, I would happily use it to write another letter for the amazing charity I write for that sends letters from volunteers to people living with cancer, and especially those having cancer treatment in hospital. I would make a pot of tea and sit in the back garden with the dog, among the tulips, in the spring sunshine, and write about ordinary everyday things that would, hopefully, brighten the day a little for the recipient.

      1. Kate, I love writing letters – and receiving letters too – and I read an article about the charity and thought it would be great to get involved – and it really is. If I am allowed to include the charity’s name here, it is called From Me To You, and the founders are bringing out a book soon on how the charity began.

      2. If I had an hour open up, the productive side of me would look at the to do list and try to knock something else out. Right now I’m working in the mornings, going to school for my graduate degree in the evenings, and doing an internship for it in the afternoons. I’m also the main parent of a four-year-old. So the to do list is forever long right now. But if I was focusing on self-care I would honestly take a nap. My daughter is back to waking up a lot in the middle of the night so sleep is at a premium. I like this idea of a tuneup though. There’s definitely problems in my life but I feel like 80% of it is working pretty well. I think I’m going to make a list of what the other 20% is and how it’s making things feel like a grind. Thank you for this.

  13. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would read for half an hour and crochet for half an hour.

  14. If my energy level was high, I’d take a nice long walk up Billy Goat Hill here in SF. If my energy level was low, I’d read a book or fold some origami. If I needed to catch up on things, I’d go to my monthly goals and start hammering things out.

  15. As a violin teacher, if I have a student cancel I usually get caught up on emails or bookkeeping but when I can, I like to put my headphones and play along with string quartets.

  16. I actually had an extra house open unexpectedly for this afternoon! Because we have a very busy upcoming week, I’m going to use the time to work ahead on a project that my future self will be happy that I did :). Thanks for all you do!

  17. I would work on my baby’s photobook! It’s half-compiled already and I love looking at baby pictures 🙂

  18. I would spend 30 minutes reading and 3 minutes writing, either in my backyard, at the pool if in the summer, or at a coffee shop:)

  19. If it was nice weather, I’d lie on a picnic blanket on the lawn in the sun and read. If it wasn’t such nice weather, I’d go for a walk and hopefully catch up with a friend by phone at the same time, if anyone was available then.

  20. I would go to the driving range and hit some balls if the weather and traffic allowed. If not I would snuggle up in bed read a bit and nap for 20 minutes with the dog.

  21. If an hour opened up, I might go for a run/walk and/ or read if I have a good book handy, I might work on my photo book that I have been adding to my list to but never find the time.

    1. I would lay down in my favorite sofa, set the timer an hour!, start to read a book then eventually take a nap 🙂

  22. I would go for a walk-ideally with a friend so we could catch up in person (she got an extra hour as well 😃)

  23. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would probably take a nap. Or work on one of my many craft projects.

  24. I’d head out morel mushroom hunting in our woods while listening to an audio book for 30 minutes and lay on our front porch swing and relax with a yummy beverage.

  25. If I didn’t just fill it with work, I’d take a walk if the weather was nice while listening to a podcast, or I’d read.

  26. Go for a walk on this lovely trail near my home while listening to something that is not current news or a tech podcast. Love listening to stories

  27. A sunny day would find me taking a long week; if it was rainy/snowy, I would pull out my knitting for an extra session.

  28. Look at all these comments! What a great community of Laura devotees!
    The first thought that came to my mind was a pedicure. I also love to just walk around this little boutique down the street, even if no purchases are made. I think I have finally been better about carving out time for reading but like most on here, that is my favorite default activity. Batching the nagging activities for one day a week has helped me feel like I have more control of my time and that does seem to give more Tranquility by Tuesday 😉

  29. I would treat myself to a coffee from Kaldi’s (local coffeehouse) and find a comfortable park bench to read! Or, to maximize time, I would grab a beverage and read on our deck.

  30. Tuesday is the day I get some alone time, so I’d put on an audiobook and pull out a creative project.

  31. If the weather is nice — I’d go for a long walk in the state park near our house.
    If the weather is not so nice — I’d curl up with a Louise Penny or play some of my favorite songs on the piano.

  32. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, first, I would be shocked and then I would turn off all notifications and head to the sewing room to make bags and quilts….or at least make progress on them.

  33. If I had an hour, I would go for a walk in the park near my house (which I don’t get to often enough!) and just walk in silence. No phone, no distractions, but just soak up the silence with no toddlers around 🙂

  34. I’d pop in to the quirky thriftstore near my house that has strangely short hours, then pick up some frozen dumplings for dinner from the Chinese grocery store nearby and head home for happy hour on the deck.

  35. This feels like the Real Simple example you’ve used before 😂….

    I suppose I would work, especially right now at the end of the semester. Grading, grading, and more grading

  36. If I had an extra hour, I would spend it quilting. I started quilting about a year ago and I am obsessed. I often choose quilting over housework, etc.

  37. Take my current book down to my neighborhood beach and just read and listen to the seagulls.

  38. If I needed to feel energised I’d go for a walk by the river near my house. Whereas, if I needed some downtime I’d do a relaxing yoga video at home.

  39. If an hour opened up I would go on a walk with my neighbor or by myself and listen to a podcast.

  40. Of an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would grab my beach chair, a book, and my Japanese language app and go sit on the beach and spend a little extra time learning Japanese and then relax and either read my book or just watch the ocean.

  41. I would go grab a chai coffee from Mojos and go sit at the arboretum or the walking path and just “be”.

  42. If it’s sunny outside, take a nap in the sunshine. If it’s dreary, organize a problem area in my house that doesn’t get the attn it needs right now!

  43. If an hour opens up on a Tuesday and the weather is good I will walk by the lake and listen to hits from the movies on Spotify.

  44. I would take my dogs for a 30 minute walk then make myself some lunch and eat it in the yard.

  45. I’d love to say that on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d declutter or make my apartment look less like a mess – but realistically, I know I’d try to take a break from the workday.

  46. If it was this Tuesday, I would retire from my job 1 hour earlier. After 28 years, I can’t wait to reinvent myself and to prioritize what I want to accomplish with my time!

  47. I would attempt to regain control of my pantry which used to be organized but has somehow gone completely feral in recent weeks. 🙂

    1. I love this. I was going to write something similar. J am learning Korean using duolingo. I have been watching such interesting K Dramas on Netflix, so i decided to learn the language, I am currently on a 84 day streak. Good luck to you too.

  48. If an hour opened on Tuesday, I would go over to our local botanical garden and take a solo walk in the emerging spring flowers. Renewal via nature.

  49. I would sit in the sun and read if it was a nice day. If it it wasn’t, I would head out for a walk and listen to a podcast, bundled up for the weather.

  50. I’d love to head to Valley Green to walk with a good audiobook or maybe if I’m home with no children I’d watch a grown up TV show… usually, I can’t stay up past my kids bedtimes to watch adult shows 😂

  51. I’d catch a freestyle session at my local ice rink. An hour would be just right to practice and to get the mental health benefits of connecting with the ice and the familiarity of the movement. ❤️

  52. I’d call an old friend and talk while doing housework/laundry. Or take a hike in the mountains near my home (with spikes or snowshoes in the winter)!

  53. It depends on the season: If it’s in the oppressive heat of the summer or the frigid air of winter, a good book indoors and a cup of tea wins. Or, using the time to draw, and if it’s winter, always sitting by the fire.
    More temperate weather would make it so I’d want to be outside, doing garden or yard work or…just bringing that good book outside!

  54. If I had an extra hour, I’d play with my dog, or if the weather was nice, I’d take him for a walk. This way we’d both get a mental health break!

  55. If an hour opened up on Tuesday afternoon, I would fix the privacy screen on my patio/outdoor office. I ran out of time this weekend working on other To Dos.

  56. I would think about how I would love to paint something, because, despite the fact that I am nominally an artist and I love painting, I spend more time making jewelry than painting. ..but first, before I get started finding the paints, I would plan to exercise. I could use the hand cycle while listening to the podcast (I only have the energy to exercise while listening to short ones like Before Breakfast! 🙂 ) or I could use the therapy bands for a few minutes. I have to count for that, so listening to podcasts is out. What about that book that I have been putting off reading? I mean, I love reading, but I always get distracted. Did I just get new email? Ooops! My free hour is up.

  57. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon I would get myself a coffee (or make my own, to save time!) and go for a long walk or short hike.

  58. I would go for a walk outside (my favorite walking path takes 1 hour) and I would listen to one of your podcasts and allow my thoughts to wander and dream!

  59. If an hour opened on a Tuesday afternoon I would take a walk and call an old friend I haven’t spoken to in ages.

  60. I would do NOTHING other than just bliss out at the joy of being alone with myself with no expectations of me for a full 60 minutes.

  61. I would love that magical Tuesday hour to be dedicated to taking our three children swimming. We love being in the water as a family and I wish this were a regular part of our week. 🙂

  62. If an hour opened up on Tuesday afternoon, I’d grab a book and catch up on some reading – preferably outside!

  63. Ooh, I’d make a decent lunch and relax while eating it…and I’m sure that hour would fly by!

  64. I would probably lose track of time quilting then realize an extra hour passed. I would need to set an alarm to remind me to stop. My golden and I would probably play ball and chill on the front acreage which is beautiful at sunset.

  65. I would cook my family a more “complicated/complex” meal that I wouldn’t normally have time to make. I love spoiling my family fancy meals!

  66. With the house empty on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d mix spend sweet orange essential oil with some magnesium laden Epsom salts and enjoy a long soak to soothe my middle-aged arthritic joints, especially my knees that are worn out from keeping up with my 8 yr old. I’ve also always loved water and find the floating beneficial to my mental health.

  67. I will play my paraguyan harp that i neglected for so long because of health issues, procrastination and poor time- management skills !

  68. I am trying to work my way up to a 5K, so if an hour suddenly opened up, I might stretch, go for a 20-minute run (that’s about as long as I can stand right now!), cool down, and treat myself to a cup of tea and some chocolate.

  69. If the weather were nice, I would work in my garden. There is always something to do out there. On a rainy day, I might make a cup of tea with milk and sugar and read or watch a favorite show uninterrupted (assuming solitude) or play some highly competitive Go Fish with my 5 year old while my 15 month old bops to the Encanto soundtrack (assuming children are present).

  70. I would take a long walk looking for new blooms or journal on the patio with a fresh cup of coffee.

  71. If I had a free hour on a Tuesday afternoon, I would grab my pups and take them for a walk and listen to an audiobook and just enjoy the sunshine or rain. I miss sneaking hours to myself.

  72. If the weather is nice, I would take a walk. Otherwise, I would curl up with my pup and read.

  73. I would lay in the grass, stare at the clouds, and of course, read a book. And wait til yours comes out this fall–Sweet!!

  74. Either take a walk with a podcast, or nap. In my second trimester with a toddler and trying to prioritize what really makes a difference.

  75. I would grab a coffee from my favorite local shop and take an unplugged walk around our adorable town.

  76. I would go for a hike in the woods by work. In fact, I’ve been doing that more lately, thanks to your books! it’s ok to trade an hour in the afternoon, when the sun is up in the winter, and then do an hour at night, when it’s cold and dark anyway.

  77. If I had an hour free on a Tuesday, I would disappear from my busy life and take a moment to think, read, and write.

    1. With an open hour on a Tuesday afternoon I would sit outside with a fruit smoothie and read a book.

  78. I would text my neighbors to see if they are up for impromptu drinks/snacks in our building’s back yard.

  79. I should do yoga. As a guy in his early 40s, I need to keep on stretching to stay limber and all that.

    But, also likely is a little tv time to break up the day and just chill!

  80. I would go to a bookshop I’ve been wanting to visit and just enjoy browsing, maybe buy a coffee.

  81. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d spend 20 minutes doing push ups and pull ups, 20 minutes vacuuming the house and 20 minutes reading my Bible.

  82. I’d use it for a “Power Hour” getting nagging things off my plate. The more of these I get rid of, the better the rest of my week feels. These are what Covey called important but not urgent tasks. The urgent always get done but these bother me more.
    Others feel self care from napping, reading or walking. I respect that. In this season of my life with children and aging elders, I feel more self care by checking off some more of the to do list.

  83. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon I would sit on my front porch and read a book! Actually, ironically, I sat outside today for a couple hours while my kids played and read most of Juliet’s School of Possibilities. I’ve had it for a few months and finally picked it up today. Such a great book!

  84. My first thought given an extra hour I would fill the time with work but reading other comments, an extra hour is a gift I should give to myself or others and do something I love. Work can wait.

  85. I would either call around for quotes for house cleaning services or squeeze in a yoga class.

  86. I would work out really hard and then lay on a really comfortable beanbag chair and meditate or read.

  87. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would go out for a 45 minute walk if the weather was accommodating, or roll out my yoga mat for 45 minutes and complete a routine. I would read one of my library books on the pile for the remaining 15 minutes.

  88. If the weather was nice, I’d go for a walk and listen to a podcast. If it was cold and rainy… nap!

  89. I would practice the piano; I’m behind on my next project. This month, I’ve scheduled myself to play a couple of the first pieces from Suite Española of Issac Albéniz.

  90. If an hour opened on Tuesday afternoon, I would read a book, catch up on some of my financial paperwork and even work on my blog for my part time financial coaching company. 😁👍

  91. I would go to the golf practice range and hit some balls. It’s meditation and exercise all in one. On the way from my car to my spot on the range, I’m likely to run into someone I know, and I’ll check in for a social minute or two. But then I’ll get to my station and start whacking away, thinking about my rhythm and my movement. When I leave after 30-40 minutes, I’ll be pleasantly achy, but I’ll also know that I put some time in that was both soothing and positive–a very physical form of self-care.

  92. I would read one of the books I’ve started and work on improving one of my hobbies that I enjoy doing.

  93. I would watch one of a few author interviews in my queue for inspiration and great food for thought.

  94. I would take my dog Ruby for a walk at our nearby open space. I’d sit under the big cottonwood tree for at least 15 minutes just watching the clouds, the sky, the majestic mountain. =)

  95. With a free hour I’d go for a quick run up the hill behind our house (while listening to a podcast). Then organise our family photo albums (with a good TV show running in the background).

  96. Take a walk to park and/or local coffee shop while listening to an audiobook or podcast – there and back is about an hour.

  97. I would read. I would cuddle up on my comfy bedroom chair with a blanket and read.

  98. If a free hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would take myself out to a cute cafe and bring a book!

  99. I’d take a yoga class or spend my time prepping for a new role/company either tweaking my resume to send, or mentally gearing up for an interview!

  100. If an hour opened, I’d go to the library or a bookstore and just browse books, check what’s new and read a few blurps.

  101. Hard to choose! I would go to a store to browse, not because I needed something. Or grab my hubby and get a margarita and some apps on a nice patio.

  102. If I had an extra hour on a Tuesday I would curl up with a good book and some chocolate. With two littles that time it HARD to find!!!

  103. Ooh, choices, choices! Play a game with the kids, read a fun book, make something chocolatey for dessert later or get some of the never-ending laundry done?!

  104. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d spend some time outdoors – either go for a brisk walk with the dog or tinker away in my community garden!

  105. If I had an hour open up on Tuesday afternoon, I would hang out with my 19-year-old son before he leaves home to start his own life. Maybe we would play on the swings, or play some one-on-one soccer, or read his latest short story creation, or tweak his latest musical composition. But there would be laughter and love and a lot of looking him in the eyes and soaking up the wonderful soul that he is and all that he has to teach me. Okay, this has to happen.

  106. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would probably continue to work diligently at my job. However, if an hour opened up and if I somehow had the day off to spend that hour however I wished, I would spend that hour relishing the outdoors – going for a hike, enjoying a long walk, or reading a novel on the patio in my backyard.

  107. If I had an extra hour open up on a Tuesday I would use that time to dream. No calls, no interruptions would be allowed. It would be precious to have more time to see how my heart feels and what it is excited about! I can see just soaking in inspiration and hope!

  108. I would spend the time on a walk, enjoying the outside while thinking how I can help my grandkids that week. We do pick up after school each day until my daughter and her husband get off work. As such we help the kiddos on school work, basketball drills or dance. Keeping them engaged and happy is key to our success!!

  109. I’m in my office most Tuesdays, so if an hour opened up, I would probably close my door, make a cup of tea (I have an electric tea kettle in my office), put on a podcast, and spend that time cleaning and organizing the physical space in my office. I’m usually focused on more pressing tasks and don’t take the time for it, but I love it when my office is tidy.

  110. I would take time to journal thoughts, prayers, and happenings in my life that I mean to do, but keep putting off.

  111. If I had an extra hour suddenly open up on Tuesday, I’d bring a book to Starbucks and read while enjoying a chai tea latte!

  112. I would start dinner prep early with a random hour on a Tuesday afternoon, complete with washing all the prep materials. I know I still did the work, and dinner cleanup is technically the kids’ chore, but when it is done early it feels luxurious and the kids get a break, too. I would probably use the time to make a dessert as well.

  113. Definitely a bike ride!

    Part of my wonders if this is a trick questions – I always make time for a bike ride because I am the master of how I spend my time and bike riding makes me happy. 😁

  114. I’d spend the first 30 minutes figuring out what would be the best thing to do and the next 30 minutes doing that. I think time spent “sharpening the saw” is time we’ll spent!

  115. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I will open the books full of photographs I have on my coffee table to admire the places in Europe I can no longer visit. Peace there has lasted approximately 76 years, 9 months and 15 days. I will be praying for better days.

  116. I would finish cataloguing my grandmother’s plates that I’ve been fortunate enough to inherit. I want to organize what I know about the past for those who come after us.

  117. Great question! First I’d meditate for 15 min to get grounded. Then I’d write a friend a card and walk it up to the post office with my dog. Sounds heavenly – I’m going to make it happen!

  118. I would write a few notes to some dear friends at the close of this semester. Or, I would use that time to continue to work on planning a bridal shower for my sister.

  119. If an hour opened up, there’s the high probability that I’d spend it resting on the couch with a cup of coffee. Or if I was feeling energetic, I’d probably go out for a walk with my son and then read a book.

  120. If the weather is nice out, I’d likely take my dog for a walk while listening to a podcast. If it was rainy (as it often is on the west coast!) I’d likely take a nap. I’ve been really enjoying a solid 20-30 min. nap in the mid-afternoon between the first 9 hours of my day and then the final 7 or so. It truly feels like my brain resets!

  121. My hour would be spent taking my 4 year old grandson to Glow-Putt—an indoor mini-golf in the dark! He has been the most affected by COVID restrictions. It’s been half his life!

  122. Cyber security is my hobby and I am trying to break into cyber security field. On Tuesday afternoon I would spend the extra hour to read a book about one of my favorite cyber security topic. In this case this extra hour serves two purposes: hobby and career :).

  123. I’d find somewhere comfortable and read one of those books I’ve been meaning to ready for ages.

  124. Some time ago, I would have said, “Pull in another job,” but years have made me wiser. Now It would be to take my wife for a coffee; not my favourite thing to do, but I know it is hers.

  125. I would read or meditate. I do this now daily and it has served me well. I still feel angry and want more time to center my self so my family can see a peaceful self.

  126. If an hour opened up on Tuesday, I might take a nap. Because right now that may be what I need most in order to be as productive and giving as possible the rest of the time!

  127. I would make this a regular spot to continue working in my “Learn to read Ancien Sumerian” – absolutely not practical use, but totally fascinating.

  128. I’d like to go for a quick jog or a walk around my house. I’d then start whatever I was supposed to do, 15 minutes earlier. This would give me a leg up with the next timed task, which I will then get it done sooner, making me feel more productive!

  129. I would split the time between a brisk walk outside, reading, and leaving my phone inside to sit outside on a nearby bench and letting my thoughts wander!

  130. I would take the time to make a new recipe for dinner. I do not like to cook. I am trying to find more simple healthy recipes that I can make once I am home from work that would not be something highly processed to improve our health.

  131. I would walk my dog, Pluto and have a cappuccino on the deck and walk around the yard to see what’s blooming.

  132. I would go to indoor rock climbing gym with my husband, go for a bike ride outside, or nap on the screened-in porch

  133. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon I would spend the hour with my 12 year old niece after school talking and listening to how was her day.

  134. Find a grassy area under a tree and take a nap. If the weather isn’t great, I’d make a cup of tea and light a candle and read a novel.

  135. If an hour opened up on Tuesday afternoon, I’d use it for self wellness, health, and relaxation. A walk outside in beautiful Maine by the ocean!

  136. Hi Laura. I’m writing a biographical novel about my mom’s life. It seems like there’s never enough hours in a day for that kind of reflective, creative work. I admire that you wrote some books! I know how much work it is. So that’s what I’d do. Continue on. Blessings.

  137. With an extra hour on a Tuesday, I would work on a few of the simple but needed tasks to organize my house for 30 minutes, and then read a book for the remaining 30 minutes!

  138. I would spend it connecting with a friend preferably over coffee outside in the sunshine.

  139. I would have a devotional time with my hubby, read-aloud session with my 3 kids, read my book of the week,

  140. By afternoon, I’d already have exercised and gotten the meat of my writing done for the day, so that knocks out my two biggies. The best investment and greatest enjoyment would come from spending the hour planning, shopping for, and prepping a simple, healthy dinner my family of five would all eat happily together later that evening.

  141. I would spend the hour outside – enjoying the fresh air and doing yard work…setting out flowers, pulling weeks or reading a book. If the weather wasn’t nice I would work on a seeing project – for myself…not so anything for others.

  142. I’d love to win a copy of 168 Hours – I have all the others, so that would complete my collection! 😉 If I had a kid-free hour, I’d probably go do a little shopping just for me. Here at home, I’d probably catch up on my scrapbooks!

  143. I am eager to shake the dust off my sewing machine. My five daughters have moved from the little years into the over-scheduled calendars of upper grades. Everyone is still at home, which is a true joy, yet I struggle to carve out time for this hobby amid the constant pull towards home school lessons, high school sports, and carpool.

  144. I would go stand up paddle boarding! Just bought one and working on making time to use it during the week

  145. I would putter…sit or walk around my house just kind of dreaming of stuff that needs done or that I could do. I wouldn’t pressure myself to do it, but also make sure I write stuff down so I could incorporate it into my plans if I think it’s important. Sometimes I get in a seasonal to do list slump where I just keep at what I dreamed up the last time I gave myself space to putter.

  146. I would go shopping 😃 the shops are very less crowded in the afternoons, and it can make the shopping experience enjoyable. Also, I would like to use the time for some pending jobs which require a good amount of time for research. For example, right now I am on lookout for a new phone with an awesome camera, and 5G, and great battery life. Tuesday afternoon extra hour would be perfect for such research 😃

    1. I know I won’t be eligible for the book giveaway but still liked imagining about this luxury hour 😊

  147. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would do yoga and walk the dog with my partner. Or I would use the extra time to prep a more labor-intensive (but more delicious) dinner!

  148. I would go for a walk with my husband, play a game with the kids, order take out, read, and go to bed early.

  149. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I’d take my wife and kids to the park for some kite-flying.

  150. If an hour opened up I would probably clean my bedroom and turn on the diffuser with a nice lemony scent.

  151. I would split it between a walk (to finally take some time to breathe and think) and reading a good book.

  152. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would probably either go for a walk, work in the yard, or spend some time organizing my office.

  153. I would take my teens to Walt Disney World. We live close by the parks and we go often to the parks together. Sometimes I even enjoy standing in line together. In line there is nothing for me to do but wait and we focus all of our attention on each other. We sing songs, play games and share our lives. Waiting in line at a theme park with my kids can be a great way to spend an hour. 🤗

  154. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would take a bath and listen to my favorite band, Balmorhea.

  155. It I had an extra hour, I would clean out my bedroom closet by switching out my winter clothes/shoes for my summer clothes/shoes. It would also give me a chance to rearrange some items that I use more often to grab on the run and make a donation bag.

  156. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would pick my kids up early from afterschool care and let them chose what they want to do with me. And then do my best to be 100% present with them for it. Too often I say “not now” when they ask for my time.

  157. I would knit. I so love to, and I work (and struggle with) hard to build space into my days for my yarn. 🙂

  158. I’d do a 15 minute speed clean (mountain dirt is not forgiving and gets everywhere) then 15 minutes outside and 30 minutes hitting Admin.
    Love everyone’s ideas x

  159. I would either take a nap or take my dog and kids outside to the backyard or a trail if I’m ambitious just get out of the house.

  160. I would spend an extra hour doing a project for my wife, grandchildren, or church (in that order). Now that I have said that, we can all probably squeeze an hour out of our day if we were really intentional.

  161. I’d get grab a comforting drink (probably coffee!), snuggle up in my reading chair with a blanket and read a good book!

  162. I would play an hour of video games. I’m usually so busy doing everything else I rarely get a chance. Like maybe once every 6 months. Its just something I used to love to do. Or go to the local swimming pool and swim laps. Either or.

  163. Actually, my Tuesday afternoon has opened up! I work for my county government, and Tuesday is election day, so all of us bureaucrats get the day off. 🙂

    I am mulling over several possibilities, but I will probably take the day and run up to our nearest “big city” to buy a graduation outfit for my daughter’s college graduation. Shopping for clothes is not my favorite thing to do, but shopping for plants is my favorite, so I’ll also stop by a garden center and buy a couple new things for my backyard.

  164. What a generous giveaway, thank you!
    I want to fantasize that this extra hour that opened up is without my usual caregiver duties; I’m going to imagine that my son is fully cared for and the entire sixty minutes is ALL MINE! In that case I want to nourish myself and rest so I’m going to spend it reading. And if I fall asleep, even better!

  165. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would leave my desk at the office, go to my studio, make some tea, water the studio plants and make some progress on my oil paintings while listening to some cheerful music.

  166. I would take my tween daughter out for ice cream and just talk. As the clock is ticking toward the teen years, every hour she actually wants to be with me is precious.

  167. With an extra hour on Tuesday I would go to the Library alone and wander. I’ve found some of my favorite books this way, and I don’t usually get to go by myself and just look anymore.

  168. Thank you for offering this!

    If it is a nice day during the growing season, I would garden. If there is enough snow on the ground, I would play in the snow. If the weather isn’t accommodating, I would watch a show and knit.

  169. If I had an hour on a Tuesday open up, I would dedicate it to writing more of my dissertation in hopes of graduating by the end of this year!

  170. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would indulge myself.

    Light candles in the bathroom and drop a Lush bath bomb in a hot bath followed by researching and booking activities for my upcoming holiday.

  171. I’d like to say that I’d visit an art museum because there is an excellent large museum just a 15-minute drive from my home, and an interesting contemporary gallery within walking distance of my office. But in all honesty? I’d turn off the lights, put on my sleep mask and take a nap.

  172. My instinctive answer was, “I would read a novel. Preferably in the hammock.” That’s a fine answer, but the more I think about it, the more I wondered, “Why would I choose to WRITE?” That’s what I’m always complaining that I don’t have enough time for.

  173. I’d curl up in bed and read a book…and if I fell asleep, I’d be okay with that, too 🙂

  174. It’s a toss up between going for a walk and reading a book. The choice would probably depend on the weather.

  175. If an hour opened up on Tuesday, and it was a beautiful day, I would work in my garden. If not, I would sit and read something I had wanted to read.

  176. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, depending on what time said hour was, I would either get together for a quick tea-time with a friend or read a book in the coffee shop.

  177. I’d like to say (I’m noticing that’s a common refrain in these comments!) that I’d garden on a beautiful day and curl up with a great book otherwise. Both of those are likely, but it’s equally likely I would vacillate, feeling guilty about some household chore I “should” do.

  178. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d spend 30 minutes at the spa and another 30 minutes at the coffee shop!

  179. That decision is dependent on Seattle weather. If it’s sunny, I’ll go for a neighborhood walk. It’s it grey and rainy will read a book!

  180. I would read my current novel in the most comfy place in my house (with my dog curled up beside me).

  181. Ideally, I would read! Except experience tells me I would scroll social media or pick up clutter around my house. I’m currently learning to LIVE in my house, not just work on it. Turns out my couch is relaxing to sit on and my books/magazines are enjoyable to read, not just look at.

  182. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I’d be in between piano students, and already ‘in town’ (about 20 min from my home) – – so I’d probably go to the Library and grab a book or two, and/or take care of some ‘town errands’ that I usually have to schedule in before or after my teaching schedule. [FYI Laura! – I wouldn’t “take a walk,” bc Tuesday night is already “walk night with audiobook” in my awesome time tracker/schedule! <3 ]

  183. Honestly? I’d probably put on my headphones and listen to music or a podcast and declutter/clean my house. I like organizing and decluttering in one big chunk!

  184. I would take my dog for an hour long walk, wearing the baby if the babysitter isn’t around. At the half hour mark I’d call a friend or two and leave voicemails.

  185. When I get a free hour, I try to get outside for a walk through the neighborhood. I also find making a cup of tea to be refreshing. I’d add reading to my list if I win a book! 😃

  186. I would take a nap, or read a physical book. I’m trying to do more of that as I spend way too much time online, and I miss my books! Curled up on the couch, a cup of tea on the coffee table, and a blanket over my legs- bliss.

  187. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I’m not sure what I would do! It would depend on my week and day. It could be taking the opportunity to get a walk in, maybe a shower and dressed WITH makeup! It could be that I get some quiet time in with my book or watch a quick show. Maybe I’d take it to catch up on e-mails or the little tasks that pile up, like registering for choir camp, refilling that prescription, or throwing a load of laundry in the wash. If I had all my “to-do’s” done, my ideal hour spent would be in the backyard with my plants!

  188. If an hour opened up, I’d usually say “get more done for work,” but I’m trying to move to a mindset where I think about my life in more of a macro and prioritize myself when it’s important (and occasionally when it’s not!).

  189. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I think I would spend it taking a walk while listening to an audiobook/podcasts. I don’t dare to dream about trying to meet a friend, as that would necessitate them also having a free hour!

  190. I would use the time for professional reading. Doing some reading within my discipline (higher education) that gives breadth and context helps me focus on my professional future. Not spending time reading the great books of my field is a source of stress. My day-to-day focuses on the urgent needs, and not the long-term needs, of my professional life. Professional reading is the first thing lost when I have to retool my schedule.

    Personal reading, family time, gym, and knitting are all important and I plan carefully for them in my 168 hours. So while it seems strange to do something professional in the extra hour, it is a different form of self-care.

  191. I would see if any friends were free for a chat. If not, I’d look through some recipe books and choose new things to try in the coming weeks.

  192. If an hour opened up on Tuesday afternoon, I would put aside my long to-do list and reconnect with my best friend. Whether while talking a walk, or over lunch. we would just talk, and listen to each other. We’d have a safe space in each other for that brief hour to vent, think, plan and celebrate all that our lives bring us, and we would plan more hours to come within that one extra hour on a Tuesday.

  193. Great question. In a way, though, I am cheating with my answer. “Why” she asks? Because since 1985 my daily calendar includes an entry every Thursday 11:00 to Noon titled “Nothing”. The label for the time has been modified over the years. Originally it was “Spontaneous Time”.
    It was a kick to tell others ( not sure why) that I had a planned hour each week to be spontaneous. Among the other labels for planned time for spontaneity were serendipity, synchronicity, choice less awareness, nothingness, silence, and choice less to name but a few.
    Never the less the time has become the pause or as Rilke might say, “the space between the notes.”
    Over the years the weekly “spontaneous” time has morphed into additional versions monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annually.
    Oh, to answer your actual question about an hour on Tuesday can I be spontaneous about that?

  194. I would make a loaf of bread dough. While it’s rising on the counter, I’d make a nice cup of tea and spend the rest of the hour reading my current novel!

  195. If I had a free hour on a Tuesday afternoon, I would spend it reading one of your books.

  196. My ideal self would write an essay or practice piano, something I’ve been telling myself to get back to for ages, though my real self would probably walk the dog and listen to a podcast or my current Libby (audio) book.

  197. I would continue to de-clutter and organize the house so that I could have more free time in the futre

  198. play pickleball, dance, swim, or sit in a park…. great question. thank you Laura. I hope I win one of your books. 😉 kudos for all that you do and be.

  199. I live in Seattle. If I had a free hour open up on a Tuesday, if it were raining I would read. If it were sunny, I’d get some dirt therapy in the garden!

  200. I think most of us have a day in our week that is most challenging. For me, that day happens to be Tuesday. Always my longest, and most tiresome day of the week, an extra hour on Tuesday would allow space for deliberate relaxation, instead of working until I crash every Tuesday night. I would use that time to decompress after my often least favorite day, indulging in a good book and some tea, or taking a much needed yoga class.

  201. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I would read my book for 20 minutes, then I’d walk to a older patrons house, I’m a public librarian, and visit with her for 30 minutes. There is roughly a 10 minute walk there and back.

  202. I would work on household chores: researching the lawnmower I need to buy or beginning to install our new bathroom sink.

  203. With a newborn around, I would either nap or shower! But assuming I already had a chance to do those, I’d use the time to play the piano.

  204. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday I would like to sit on the front porch with a cup of tea, being present. But when it does happen I usually end up working ahead instead. Somehow that doesn’t ever leave that extra hour at the end of the day though!

  205. I would take my car for a wash! It’s been on my “to do” list for months, and it would be a delight to finally have the interior cleaned out and the exterior shined up. While I waited, I’d enjoy a coffee and catch up on some reading.

  206. I can’t win a book but happy to share, I’d phone a friend I’ve not seen since the pandemic to properly catch up and if they weren’t available I’d sit and paint my nails. Then for the next couple of weeks I’d have something pretty to look at and each time I go it would remind me how important it is to take time out and be in the moment

  207. If an hour opened up, I would most likely work on my huge backlog of tasks that has increased since I started working again. What I would like to do though is just relax and watch videos/play a game.

  208. If I had an extra hour on a Tuesday afternoon I would spend time with family or friends. I might also take a nap or read a book in a cozy spot.

  209. I’d spend it planning my next vacation. I’d like to get some prices for flights, hotels, and activities.

  210. I’d use that hour on a tuesday to do 1 of 3 things. First, take an extra pilates class with my favorite instructor. Though I usually do that on tuesday already. Option 2, do a 30minute cycle class on my spin bike followed by 15 minutes of stretching and 15 minutes to shower. Option 3, work on the details for my private practice I’ve been saying I don’t have time to buckle down and do. Fact is, private practice = hight hourly wage = more time to work on getting it going and more freedom.

  211. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would go for a walk and enjoy the sunshine and nature at the park.

  212. I would spend the hour finishing up an outstanding project for a consulting client. Without that one project hanging over my head (for months now!), I would feel so much lighter in all the rest of my time.

  213. I would get a head start on dinner prep for my family so I could get to my evening karate class early and have some extra social time with my friends before class begins.

  214. If the weather was nice, I would go out and sit on my porch with a tall cold drink and a good book. If it was cold or rainy, I would sit inside with a cup of tea and a good book.

  215. If I had a free Tuesday afternoon, I would go for a long run, then settle in with a great book and a cold brew. What a joy!

  216. Weather permitting, I would walk to a local landmark called Promontory Point, hop on one of the benches, and read, listen to a podcast, or catch up with family on the phone. On a rainy or snowy day, I would make a homemade cup of hot chocolate or a chai latte and delve into one of the books I have been meaning to start or finish.

  217. Head out to the sunshine with a good book or walk around the lake before heading back to the office. I would be very grateful for the chance to recharge.

  218. If I’m being honest I’d probably use the time cleaning something around the house 😩🤦🏻‍♀️ probably the kitchen.
    What I should do isn’t the same as what I “would” do.

  219. Depending on how I feel I would either read a book or spend some time in my sewing room. I’m working on an 18th century outfit, and I would quite like to finish my foundation garments so I can figure out how much fabric I need for the next step.

  220. I would take my laptop outside to hear the birds, and spend time getting my finances better organized.

  221. If I get an extra hour, I am going to spend my social circle. I rarely find time to meet people and I am depriving myself from social interaction which is so important for my mental health. I really need to work on that.

  222. Sleep – just came back to work after my first baby and relocating from France to Boston… and yes, doing it all is hard as many of the routines need to be changed . But none of it will be ok if I don’t take care of my sleep first . So … sleep if baby sleep, play if he is awake

  223. I would spend my time soaking in the sunshine while reading a book, (and the baby naps peacefully!)

  224. Ooh, I would make a cup of tea, head outside, and read — something just for the sheer pleasure of it — a classic, probably Jane Austen. Thanks for the thought, it’s tempting to do it today, except of course it’s snowing outside, that puts a little wrench in the plan. Maybe inside.

  225. I would either take a walk if the weather was pretty or else I would curl up with a good book if the weather was bad!

  226. I would grab an iced coffee, my planner and phone and walk to a bench in my neighborhood. I would brain dump all my overwhelm and misc thoughts into my planner and enjoy the time to decide what is important, delegate what I can and delete what I’ve decided doesn’t matter enough. I would walk home without the mental fog I’m currently walking around with. 🙂

    And why haven’t I done this already? Because my friend, Laura, hadn’t kindly reminded me that I could.

    but I think she just did. (So grateful for your work here, LT. Your work has rocked my world and is a constant encouragement.)

  227. Oh my what a great question! If I had a free hour on Tuesday, I would cook something delicious for my family. Lately, we have been running in different directions and take out has been on heavy rotation in my house. I’d love an hour to whip up a yummy dinner!

  228. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, then I would nap. I haven’t been sleeping well lately between a cat who keeps me awake most nights and a 12-year-old who doesn’t like sleeping in his own bed. I am desperate for some uninterrupted rest.

  229. I would read or take a walk outside while listening to podcasts (Before Breakfast is a favorite:).

  230. ohh..i hope i would notice it before too late to make a good use of for instance: reading a good chapter or to of a book laying on may night stand 😀
    But i might also take a good nap(kids still wakeing me up during the night) or a fresh walk in the forest…

  231. Sadly – I would likely do busy work like emails or online shopping or fretting b/c I don’t have enough clarity on what’s important and how I WANT to spend my time. Just being honest here! Thank you for your work!

  232. If an hour opened up on Tuesday afternoon, I don’t know what I’d do to be honest. I would sit here looking at the 5 million things I should be doing and I wouldn’t even know where to start! But I’d feel pretty grateful for that extra hour I think!

  233. I would lay in the hammock in my backyard and read, uninterrupted for the entire hour! Bliss.

  234. I will pull out my journal, look back the logs (at least for last month) and try to shape my self better by comparing the my activities and progress (especially comparing with my own activities I used to do before I started journaling and logging the use of time)

  235. I would listen to your podcast while I straightened up the house; then I’d take a nap!

  236. I would spend the time either working on my cross-stitch (it has been in progress for a year) or fitting some more pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that has been on my table since boxing day. Both of these I want to finish but somehow never actually prioritise the time for them.

  237. I would put away all my clothes. We recently moved and the kitchen and office have taken priority so I’m getting dressed out of a box.

  238. I think I would play it by ear. If my son were already back from school or on summer break, I’d spend the time with him doing something we don’t typically do. Or ask him what he’d like to do. If I were alone, I’d be tempted to continue to work on my 2020 photo album… I love working with images, helping them tell a story. But iys the kind of task that always feels non-essential, non-priority.

  239. If my son was home, I would take him to our local coffee shop or ice cream stand, get a treat, and just sit and talk and have some quiet time together. If he wasn’t, I would either take a long walk (good weather) or make a coffee and curl up with one of the hundreds of good books I have waiting to be read (bad weather).

  240. Read! I recently found a local author who combines tea and murder mystery (two of my favorite things). The series is a little repetitive, but it’s very relaxing.

  241. In a bonus hour at this time of year, I’d putter in the garden. I’d be weeding, prepping ground for some seeds or moving plants.

  242. For my extra hour Tuesday I would get down on the floor with my two grandchildren and wrestle, read, and generally love them without thinking about the jobs that are waiting while I have Granny time.
    I am not in US but i just had to add my two bits. and I have decided next Tuesday I will just do that anyway and hang the thought police in my head.

  243. I probably need the book since I am not sure, ha! I would probably end up reading, catch up on something I have been putting off or take the dog for a walk.

  244. I’m just going to be honest – I’d probably sleep. During the week I’m always sleep-deprived and Tuesdays are the hardest.

  245. I would walk to Central Park and visit the conservatory gardens, walk the reservoir and visit the waterfall in the north woods.. While walking I may call my mother, my best friend, my son or my boyfriend.. nothing improves my outlook on life like nature, beauty (especially flowers) and connection.

  246. I would take the extra “hour” and read one of the “oh, that looks interesting” books I bring home from the library but never seem to get around to reading.

  247. I would take a long lunch, get something delicious to eat, and take it to Morningside Park. I’d savor my food in the sun, sitting on one of the towels I always have in the car for emergencies, and read my book among the trees.

  248. If an hour opened up, on Tuesday morning. I would breath and review that non essential to-do list. Do some gardening, go to nursery and get plants, or get a head start with the laundry.
    Doing this exercise really make me think that I could be managing better my time, but I guess it is great to know that there is always room for improvement.

  249. I would go for an outdoor walk with one of my good friends and catch up on life. I’ve found the walking friend dates to be much more exhilarating and fun than the sit-and-eat outings… so any chance I get to get outside with a friend or family member, I’ll take it.

  250. Honestly, I’d probably end up wasting a good chunk of the hour trying to decide what to do! I could read books, write, watch some instructional videos to help me teach better, pack for our upcoming move, plan and organize my new home, daydream about the future… This is all assuming that free hour is without kids. Otherwise, I’d do whatever is still needed for my family. They keep me busy (homeschooling mom of many 😉)!

  251. I would take a yoga class. I haven’t had a chance to since my kid was born, but she’s big enough now for me to get away for an hour. I’d use the extra hour to take care of myself and no one else.

  252. Hello Laura,
    Thank you for your book and guidance, it helped me a lot to transform my day and tasks! I love 168 hours concept! What would I do in my free (sounds unrealistic) Tuesday? If we talk about 3-4 hours in the afternoon, I would meditate for 30 minutes, review a task lists and reconsider what I can outsource (e.g., cleaning, cooking, etc.) and what I can combine together (e.g., playground with workout, stroller walk with grocery shopping, laundry with cooking); I would also read 2-3 articles for my dissertation (approximately 60 min), and then write 1-2 pages (30-45 min); I would call one family member for 10-15 min to catch up, watch SQL sessions for another (30-45 min) and then… times up!

    PS. I would love to have your “Off the clock” book 🙂

  253. I would go to the lake and spend my time in nature. I would take a little stroll along the walk path and find a nice picnic table in the sun and read for the rest of the time.

  254. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday…I would just sit and breathe! I never seem to have time to just be alone with my own thoughts. I’m always taking care of everyone and everything else.

  255. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d launch my newsletter, upgrade my website and send out another query for my book.

  256. I would find something on my running list of household tasks and do it! The list never ends, but it feels so good to check things off.

  257. I would drive 15 minutes to my moms house, cut her grass, & help her plant. She’s 80 & insists on doing it herself. Then I’d sit & chat with her & admire her yard.

  258. I think I would get a pedicure/ manicure or read my March Real Simple magazine somewhere while drinking a glass of wine solo! Or, go to CycleBar!

  259. I have actually made a conscious effort to open an hour of my time daily to improve my education. My current method is improving my financial literacy so I can make sound financial and investing decisions. It’s something I really enjoy learning about and finding new ways to make sense of the world calms me and helps my days go smoother.

  260. I would get outside and take a walk in our nearby woods on the path there. I’d take a few of the small trails over to the creek and see if the turtles have come back yet from last year. And in order to get there, I currently have to dodge the mother and father geese who are protecting their new goslings at the pond so no one bothers them. Those geese are very protective and I get hissed at a lot! Ha!

  261. I would spend an extra hour meal planning and finding new recipes. I spend very little time planning meals (maybe plan one day in advance?) and would love to have a week’s worth of meals planned in advance!

  262. If I had an hour any day of the week, I would call up the families of the patients I have lost over the last two years. I am an MD who treats liver cancer with minimally invasive surgeries. Pre-COVID, I would see patients and their families in my clinic and would have repeated interactions with them (in person) over the months/years. Most of my patients eventually pass or get a transplant, but I was often the person who they saw frequently. And we would bond.
    During COVID and continuing now, all clinic visits are virtual and families cannot wait in the waiting area. We talk to them on the phone, but thats not the same. And people have passed. Spending meaningful time with families who have lost someone would have an emotional toil (that I cannot afford currently) but would also bring back purpose.

  263. If an hour opened up on Tuesday afternoon at work I would focus on making progress on projects that I value.

  264. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would go to the gym or go for a walk outside! Just something to get some extra movement in 🙂

  265. Throw in a load of laundry, read a magazine, write a few overdue Thank You notes or just hang out with my dog – she usually wins out, with those big brown eyes 🙂

  266. I would take the time to get a long awaited and highly needed pedicure so I can wear spring sandals!

  267. Ohmigosh! Hopefully it would be a beautiful afternoon! I would love to sit and knit on the front porch!

  268. I would work in my planner and actually PLAN! As much as I love planners and organization, I somehow manage to jump in and do work rather than actually plan what would be the best thing for me to work on. IF I win, I would LOVE the 168 Hours book! Thanks for your generosity – love the podcasts! xoxo :)))

  269. Oooh, if an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I’d want to take advantage of what I have gotten behind on – throw in a load of laundry, get the dishwasher loaded, and catch up on some emails. An hour does go by quickly though, and is going by even faster as I get older – whether well planned out or not!

  270. If I was gifted an hour on a Tuesday afternoon- What I would want to do is read a book in the sunshine, or work in the flower garden. What I would probably end up doing is throwing a ball for the dog out of guilt for a few minutes, trying to start a load of laundry and load/empty the dishwasher. I would probably try to clean up the house a little or pay some bills and then I would play a game on my phone for a bit.

  271. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday I would get a chiropractor consult and get my back fixed, my body has been under a lot of stress lately and I haven’t prioritized wellness. Which has resulted to continues back pain.

  272. If I had a free hour on Tuesday, I would take the dog for a walk at the local nature preserve. It sounds so simple but it is something that is a rarity between a toddler, an intense job, and my husband working weekends when I have a traditional work week. Being in nature is rejuvenating and restorative for my soul. It also gets both the dog and I moving which we could both use more of.

  273. I would do what I love doing most. As a Life Coach, I would want to spend the time guiding a client through their stuckness and troubled relationships. I love to see the expression on their face when having their aha moment or change in perspective.
    I would also enjoy the hour spending it on zoom at The Compass Club (women supporting women in growth).

  274. Tough choice! I’d probably sit at my sewing machine and work on a quilt for my daughter, something that is difficult to do sometimes when she’s so interested in what I’m working on!

  275. What a great question! So many possibilities! I would spend 2 of those Tuesday bonus hours walking with a friend. The other 2 Tuesdays I’d spend taking pictures and learning more about my camera. Both of these are things I love doing, but something else always seems to come ahead of them. Thanks!

  276. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I would listen to music while relaxing by the pool in my condo complex.

  277. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday I would do some creative thinking for a side project I’m doing at work that I hope will further my career.

  278. I would garden! Or read about gardening, gardening magazines are insanely relaxing to read.

  279. I would scrapbook…it’s been too long since I took the time. Good reminder to make time! 😊

  280. I would make it a quiet hour to read, journal, and reflect. Because I’m terrible at doing that with my non-bonus hours.

  281. “Free” hour? It’s so hard to define any time as free – there’s always a long list of things that I’m behind on or need to get done! Even if a zoom meeting gets cancelled last minute and I decided to do something relaxing, I would surely get distracted doing something else for work or the kids while deciding *how* to relax (book? nap? Netflix?) and Poof! The hour would be gone… I’m nowhere near as disciplined as you, Laura… So, what has worked for others who have a hard time taking intentional breaks? (I’m sadly really good at unintentional ones that bring no “ahhh” to my days, only “AAAH!”)

  282. Walk around Diamond Head with a girlfriend to chat and laugh before grabbing a refreshing iced tea.

  283. I would take a walk around the block (this takes me about 15 minutes) and then spend some time knitting (I’m working on a pair of socks).

  284. I started to say I would clean, with loud bouncy music so that I’m getting some exercise at the same time, but I changed my mind. I’d go for a long walk instead of the short ones I normally do each day!

    Thanks for the permission to just do it!

  285. I would go for an hour’s treatment at our local spa. In fact, maybe I’ll just book it for
    tuesday anyway.

  286. I would get weekday take out from my favorite (but out of the way) Indian restaurant and then relish eating it by myself at home (away from the chaos of my 4 year old!). Bonus: I enjoy it so much that I’ll be very happy all afternoon.

  287. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday, I’d go for a walk in the woods (assuming the weather was cooperating!) If it was raining, I’d read a book and/or work on a blanket I’m (still) knitting!

  288. I would declutter the basement storage area …it’s a source of stress and I want to get rid of stuff we don’t need – donate it to people who may use it or if not, discard what no longer serves anyone. I think I would feel a lot “lighter” once that was done.

  289. If I had a free hour on a Tuesday, I would work on my Project Management Certificate while walking on the treadmill.

  290. I would go to local consignment store, browse, pick up some stuff, buy a coffe and then read if I still had time. Oh, yeah! I did all that Saturady to celebrate Mother’s Day early!

  291. Usually on Tuesday afternoon, I am in the operating room, so if an hour opens up, it’s typically between cases. Step 1. Hydrate. I never drink enough water, and always gravitate to caffeine, but late-in-the-day coffee may mess up my sleep. So drink a water bottle’s worth of water. Step 2. Put a little extra time into my Wednesday morning conference that I run. I always have a running list of things I’d like to improve on, materials I could provide and research for topics that get pushed to the margins. Tuesday PM is a perfect time to do this work for about 45 minutes. Step 3, look at photos of my kids. If I have an hour delay in the OR, that means a late night, so probably looking at photos of them on Tinybeans and making a little selfie video to send to my husband for bedtime.

  292. If an hour opened up in my schedule on a Tuesday afternoon, I would set up my 2022 personal tax files, and review my investment account statements. These tasks are usually shoved aside for later until tax filing time and I stay up until midnight to get this done. The weight would lift off my shoulders.

  293. I would walk to Prospect Park (20 minute walk from my home in Brooklyn), or if it’s a rainy day, I would work on printing photos from my daughter’s wedding.

  294. I would spend an extra Tuesday afternoon hour taking a walk with my family and our new puppy.

  295. Set up at the patio table in the sun with a glass of wine and a favorite book – or hit the backyard gym for a weightlifting session if it’s raining!

  296. I would take myself to a coffee shop and map out some intentions for the next year. I sorely need to do this, but haven’t been diligent in scheduling the time.

  297. I would take myself to a coffee shop and set some intentions for the next year. I sorely need to do this and have not scheduled the time.

  298. If an hour opened up on Tuesday, I would read a book for fun (40 min) and take a nap (20 min).

  299. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I would take a walk while listening to an audiobook.

  300. I would devote the time to practicing the oboe. Playing music brings me joy, but I don’t devote enough time to it!

  301. If I had an hour open up On Tuesday afternoon AND I had someone to mind my toddler, I would possibly choose one area of my disaster of a house and viciously declutter & clean. Or perhaps I would sit down in my craft room and plan out some projects to work on then make a start on one of them.

  302. If an hour opened up on Tuesday and it was nice outside, I would go for a walk. If it was raining outside I would tidy up my home!

  303. If an extra hour opened up on Tuesday, I’d settle in with a good cup of coffee for an hour of guilt-free reading and relaxing…no thinking about the errands, projects, want-to-dos and need-to-dos that constantly swirl in my head.

  304. If an extra hour opened up on Tuesday, I’d probably work ahead and take off early on a Friday.

  305. If an hour opened up, I’d honestly probably end up scrolling or cleaning my house. None of which I would like to more of in my life. Regardless of how I aim to get better at planning my day, I end up just having a check-list of things to do, instead of time-blocking those tasks out. While it may work for some, for me, I end up doing more procrastination rather than actual work, or starting with the more insignificant tasks first, and leaving the more important tasks later – which then don’t actually get done. I’m trying to change these bad habits.

  306. If an hour opened up on a Tuesday afternoon, I’d go for a long walk with my audiobook if it was nice outside. If raining, I’d probably try to catch up on a scrapbook page.

  307. I’ve been at work where, around 2pm on a Friday, my boss tells me to leave an hour early and enjoy the weekend. Instead, I catch up on my to do tasks. It wasn’t until well into the gifted hour that I realized I could have caught my son at his soccer shots program at school. This made me feel like I squandered the time.
    If I was at home, I’d probably take a walk or declutter – so many clothes and toys accumulated by a 5 and 4 year old!

  308. If I had an extra hour on Tuesdays, I would spend 30 minutes practicing my new electronic piano (to help prevent dementia) and the other 30 minutes sewing on a quilt for someone.

    We just moved to Texas to be close to our granddaughters and 3 months after arriving, she’s pregnant with #4! So excited. I help her now on Tuesdays and Fridays for a few hours watching the 19 month old (the others girls are 7 and 13 and at school, though it’s out soon). I feel like I’m busier here in Texas than I was in California, but I don’t see how…..I am trying to track my days.

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