Best of Both Worlds podcast: Planning your summer

Hello everyone! Just popping in from spring break to publish a quick post on this week’s Best of Both Worlds podcast. Sarah and I talked in this episode about how to plan your summer. Most camps are back, and much travel is back on the table. So what will your summer look like?

From the camp spreadsheet to the Summer Fun List, this episode revisits many of our favorite topics. As blog readers know, I’m still working on the camp spreadsheet, after thinking it was done…and we still don’t have June vacation plans. But I’m sure we will soon. Hopefully this episode will offer some planning inspiration if you haven’t thought through the weeks until August yet.

In the Q&A section we address a question from an introverted listener who doesn’t really want to get back out there after the pandemic. Can she avoid in person get-togethers forever?

Please give the episode a listen and let me know about your summer plans!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Planning your summer

  1. Great episode. We go to jersey shore every summer, and kids can get jobs at age 14. It is magical and as Sarah said there is something special about the ritual of going to the same place every summer. It is hard to do when they are young but as they get older it is magical.

  2. I start planning summer in December after I get the sleepaway assignments back. Sleep away camp registration is in early November. This is the big rock in our schedule. We are Outer Banks people. We go every summer and love it there. We haven’t found the perfect house so we sort of reinvent the wheel every year, but it works for us. August is always a pain point. There is no camp around us. Everyone is away and school doesn’t start until after Labor Day.

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