Hello from Florida

So I am finally knocking the last item off my winter fun list — escaping to Florida!

I flew down here yesterday and am meeting up with Sarah to talk all things Best of Both Worlds and have some fun too. We’ve already done champagne on the balcony, dinner out, a morning run on the beach (this pic below is taken post-run and is perhaps not the most flattering ever of me but whatever), brunch, and shoe shopping (not something either of us do a lot of but I had a total shoe emergency with sandals I hadn’t worn in a year). We’re about to do some podcast recording and then an afternoon spa trip.

In other happy news, my husband and I officially sold our other house on Monday — all closed and everything — so we are now at one residence. Phew.

One of the fun parts of doing an only-adults trip is that you can make completely different choices than you would with kids. Last night we decided to sit at the bar for the hour long wait for a table at a restaurant. An hour-long wait would have been torture with kids but without them, hey! It’s good to get a little break from time to time.


13 thoughts on “Hello from Florida

  1. An hour wait for a table with some cocktails/wine at a bar sounds pretty delightful! It’s nice to not be in a rush and to be able to wait for a table like that! And it’s good to hear there was a long wait. I’ve been worried about restaurants and hoping they are bouncing back ok! I’ve heard that restaurants are pretty busy here in Minneapolis which I’ve been happy to hear! Enjoy your getaway!

  2. What a fun surprise! Looking forward to the live episodes.
    Your post about making time for friends coupled with this trip is very inspiring.

    1. @Michelle – a lot of fun friend stuff this month- I hope you’ve got some good stuff on the calendar too!

  3. Welcome to Florida, Laura! I’m glad you got to do some in-person fun things with Sarah. I’m sure you both really enjoyed the chance to concentrate solely on grown up pursuits for a little while :), and there’s nothing like getting together with a friend after so much time apart. And congrats on selling the house. I know that must be a big relief for you.

  4. as a freelance working mom of 3 kids contemplating going back full time (my youngest is 6 years old), this is such a breath of fresh air. i haven’t traveled without kids in forever and i know you have little tiny ones at home. if you feel comfortable, please share how you manage the childcare/taking kids to school duties. trying to figure out logistics if i do go back!

    1. @najwa – happy to share. It wasn’t that complicated — I have a husband and a full-time nanny, and so between the two of them, they can take care of the kids. There were a few logistical challenges just because there are so many kids and hence we sometimes have cars going in three directions. That had to be sorted out. Our nanny had a day off on Friday for something she had to do so we had back-up care for the little guy. That had to be arranged too, but that sitter works fairly regularly so it wasn’t that crazy a scenario.

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    1. @Pretzel – wow, thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words – glad it was all helpful!

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