Friday miscellany: Before Breakfast turns 3

Three years ago today, iHeartMedia published the first few episodes of Before Breakfast. In each short (5 minutes!) podcast, I share a tip to help take listeners’ days from great to awesome. We have not missed a weekday since!

I’m not sure how much overlap there is between blog readers and Before Breakfast listeners, but if you haven’t checked it out yet I would appreciate it if you would. Some recent episodes include Your 2500 books, What makes an experience good, and You might not need to quit. We do a “Second cup” repeat episode on the weekends, plus a repeat of a New Corner Office episode each week too.

If you prefer reading to listening, my Medium column this week looks at The List That Makes Your Weekends More Memorable.

This week featured a lot of driving. My husband was traveling and our current kid school and activity schedule (to say nothing of the half days the elementary kids had this week because of conferences) works best with three adults. So our nanny worked extra hours and I spent a lot of time in the car.

Last weekend I inaugurated the new oven with these vegan apple cinnamon muffins. They were pretty good! My grocery store was out of cupcake liners. But when my online order (and my vegan chocolate chip order) arrive, I plan to do some banana muffins.

I recently finished Lucky Breaks, which is a collection of micro-stories written by Yevgenia Belorusets, a Ukrainian author. They are all about women living in Ukraine after the 2014 war. There’s some magical realism, and much about the absurdity of war and life. The book was fairly short — and featured the author’s photography too — so if someone is looking for a quick but poignant read with an eye to learning more about a place very much in the news these days, this would work.

Speaking of other books, I’m working through the copy-edits of Tranquility by Tuesday. I know it is my own book, but I’m enjoying reading through it again. So hopefully others will too! (Eventually. It isn’t out until the fall…)

Now I’m on to my “Friday punch list.” One of my TBT rules is to batch the little things, so I try to deal with bills, contracts, invites + requests, kid sign-ups and such in one fell swoop on Fridays. It doesn’t always work, but the goal is to not have these things be options all the rest of the time. If my choice is dealing with a tricky edit in a book manuscript or buying a birthday present, it’s tempting to go for the online shopping. This is one way to ward off procrastination (while making sure the little stuff does get done too).

I hope everyone has an adventurous and rejuvenating weekend planned! We’ve got the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby, which always features some serious competition….

12 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Before Breakfast turns 3

  1. Congratulations on Before Breakfast! I have enjoyed each episode and often find myself saving my favorites to listen to again as a “batch” during my workouts. Very practical! I have incorporated many of the tips you have brought up in these episodes! Great format, great advice! Keep up the wonderful work!

  2. Congrats, Laura! What a fun milestone for Before Breakfast.

    I’m so glad you can make muffins in your own house; this is a victory with celebrating.

    Thanks for the suggestion of Lucky Breaks. I’m going to look that up now. And continue to look forward to the day TBT hits shelves 🙂

    1. @Elisabeth – thanks! And it was a fascinating book. Much about how life has to continue in the aftermath of war and displacement – and all from the female perspective so there’s no glorifying the fighting itself. Just what has to happen as a result.

  3. Congrats on Before Breakfast podcast, I listen regularly. They are the best! Can’t wait for Tranquility by Tuesday!

    Good luck with Pinewood Derby. I remember those days with my boys.

  4. So happy for you Laura for hitting the 3 year mark on Before Breakfast. After 3 years one could think, what more is there to talk about managing time, but your ideas and tips continue to be fresh, practical and very helpful. Keep up the great work 👍 👏

    1. @Kamala – I may run out of ideas eventually ha ha 🙂 Thanks for the good wishes, I appreciate it.

  5. Congrats on Before Breakfast, Laura!! I have enjoyed every single episode. It’s part of my morning routine, you guessed it, before breakfast. Very happy for you! And I’m looking forward to reading Tranquility by Tuesday.

  6. Hi Laura,
    Congratulations on the milestones – podcast and oven!
    PS I make muffins all of the time and never use cupcake liners! In my opinion, they are just a waste of paper and money……maybe an idea?

    1. @Erin – Thanks – and maybe! I should try without the liners this weekend and see how it goes…

      1. I use silicone cupcake trays and find them easier. I do like those big liners that you just put on a flat tray of I’m making mini cakes.

    2. I don’t use them either! Non-stick muffin tins, a little melted coconut oil and they pop right out.

      I’m always looking for good vegan muffin recipes (my daughter is allergic to eggs and dairy) – is the recipe online/one you can share?

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