Best of Both Worlds podcast: What’s saving our lives right now

A few weeks ago, Sarah and I got together in person in Vero Beach, Florida. We recorded two episodes. Last week’s was on retreats, and this week’s is on what is “Saving my life right now.”

If you read a lot of blogs and listen to podcasts you might have heard this phrase before. We talk about its genesis, and how it’s been making the rounds — for a reason! It’s good to talk about what’s working, or at least what is keeping us sane, and it can be a helpful part of a gratitude practice.

Sarah and I had a “breakout session” — we went to separate corners of the table — and made a list of a few things that are saving our lives right now. And then we shared them in real time with each other for the recording. From meal-planning programs to pogo sticks to recording spaces, we’re happy about a lot. Hopefully you are too! What is saving your life right now?

Please give the episode a listen, and as always we appreciate ratings and reviews.

8 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: What’s saving our lives right now

  1. I have an almost 4 week old and what’s saving my life is ALL the outsourcing. I’ve kept my full time childcare for my 3 year old who also does our grocery shopping, have a cleaning lady, started sending out laundry 1x/week, ordering lots of takeout, and we used paper plates up until this week! Sure these all cost $$ but when it’s only for a few weeks it is doable and has made my maternity leave so much nicer so far. Some days it almost feels like cheating, but my husband and I work hard for our income and this is how we’re using it right now. Would highly encourage others to do the same!

    1. This is such a good point. I’m curious if your cleaning lady or anyone else washes dishes? That is a huge issue for us and I’m tempted to pay someone to come wash them, which feels ridiculous. But I know it’d be a big help. Curious how others manage daily chores like these.

      1. Our cleaning lady would if asked but she only comes every 2 weeks. We do dinner dishes/load dishwasher ourselves at night and run overnight and then our nanny typically empties and reloads it while she’s here, which includes doing our breakfast dishes. It is actually kind of crazy how helpful this is. Our prior nanny did not do this (we didn’t ask) and it really makes a huge difference. If you can find a way to get help with this go for it!

  2. Listened this morning and agree with you on a few good items!
    1. Being able to buy beer at the grocery store – Ontario (Canada) was in a very similar boat and several years ago allowed beer and wine to be sold in the grocery store and it is delightful to have just one trip. Even though our local liquor store is very close but is still an extra trip!
    2. Sizing up! Such a great thing just to let go and it is so much better to wear clothes that fit and look nice. It’s so true that no one really cares – and I do feel better – though i am a bit in between at the moment and experimenting with sizes to find the right fit, particularly in jeans. Work in progress.
    3. Gas fireplace! Delightful (my favourite word lately) to flip a switch and have a lovely fire going and then to flip it and the fire is out. Particularly since we seem to be having an extended winter here too.

  3. I wish we could buy alcohol at our grocery stores/target/etc! The rules are so strict here in Minnesota. In the last year or so, they started to allow alcohol to be sold on Sundays! Prior to that off-sale liquor stores were closed on Sundays. With this change, you could buy alcohol at places like at target and a grocery store, but they need to have a separate exit so most places have not added a liquor store unless they had one already.

    I’m also loving our gas fireplace! We converted our wood burning fireplace to gas in early January and that is the gift that keeps on giving. I’ve used it soo much! We also have a gas burning fireplace in our bedroom that I’ve used a decent amount. I have a comfy reading chair that reclines in front of it. I envision using it more in years to come when I’m less tired and can choose reading over napping on the weekend. Because right now, weekend naps are saving my life, too. The youngest (15m) is waking up at 5am right now and while we take turns getting up with him (another thing saving my life), I’m still feeling pretty tired so try to nap on Sat or Sun when the baby is napping and the 4yo gets screen time. The last thing I’ll mention is my kindle. 95% of my reading is on the kindle and I also use the ap, especially when our son asks us to stay in his room for several minutes after we finish reading while he tries to fall asleep. I feel more chill about being trapped in there when I can read on my kindle ap!

  4. Regarding summer uniforms… I am a *huge* fan of skorts. I’ve gotten some from Athleta… look at the ones more for travel than for exercise. I actually got a couple of black ones from Costco that were cute last year, too. They can be dressed up or down easily and are very comfortable. Bonus — no worries of flashing anyone when you are chasing a toddler!

  5. Spring break camp is saving my life right now. Both my kids and I have off this week but not my husband. Big sister is at camp, me and little guy are staycation tourists in SF. It’s so much more manageable for me to have one than two, and we’re all having a lot more fun. I wish I had signed little guy up for a day or two of camp too so I could enjoy a solo day. Childcare is always money well spent!

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