Best of Both Worlds podcast: The Power of a Story with Kindra Hall

Life is not always lived in stories. And yet stories are powerful. We are drawn toward narratives that make sense. So we need to learn to be careful about how we frame stories, so they can push us toward the lives we want.

In this episode of Best of Both Worlds, I interview Kindra Hall about the stories we tell ourselves. Kindra’s brand new book (out today!) is called Choose Your Story, Change Your Life. In it, she talks about how to identify powerful stories in your own life, and how to rework these stories if they are no longer serving you.

For instance, in her book, she tells the story about getting the opportunity to work for a dream client. She immediately felt like she should turn it down. Why? It would require getting on a plane, and she already had another business trip planned later that week. As she thought this through, she realized that she was telling herself a story that you could go on one business trip per week and still be a good mom, but two? That’s just crazy.

It sounds silly when you put it that way, but many of us have our own stories that might be weirdly specific. So please give the episode a listen, and think about what stories you might be telling yourself.

In the question section, we address one from a listener who’s grown up with the story that you can’t be a deeply religious person…and a working mom. We talk about some practical ways she can rewrite this story to honor her faith and honor her talents too.

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