This is (almost) 43

I’m celebrating a birthday this weekend. It is not a milestone birthday, but it is a birthday nonetheless. It is better to be celebrating a birthday than not celebrating a birthday!

As befits middle age, it has been a year of coping with various maladies. Back pain from carrying a toddler around mostly on one hip! Last year at this time I was just figuring out that I was going to need to eat (and drink) differently to deal with my chronic congestion and sore throat. I have not enjoyed this change at all, but I am making my peace with it. My husband and I went to a retirement party for one of his colleagues last night. I did not touch the cheese or wine, which felt very responsible of me.

I am trying to keep a sense of humor about the fact that I am coping with middle-aged maladies while still breastfeeding a baby.

I am hoping, by the time I turn 44, to learn how to buy and apply make-up. This is a topic of approximately zero interest to me, but eventually it becomes clear that it would be better to wear make-up than not wear it (hello toddler sleep woes…). I just watched a YouTube video of an attractive young lady applying a color corrector under her eyes. Who knew?

I’m sure it will be another year with the usual things: writing, speaking, podcasting, running, singing. I’m glad I’ve made space for these things in my life.

My birthday plans include going out to dinner with my husband, taking the family to the Brandywine museum for the holiday trains, going ice skating, and getting a massage early next week. If the weather cooperates, there may be a long run too. And probably lots of decluttering/moving stuff to the garage at the new house to get ready for our move in a month or so… I should be celebrating my next birthday in new surroundings. After this project that started around my last birthday, it is about time!

Photo: From the family photo shoot with Yana Shellman

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  1. Happy birthday! For makeup: I too am challenged here. A few years ago I marched into Sephora and asked for someone to teach me. I made it clear how much time and money I was willing to spend (low end of both) and asked for her to show me what to do for normal daytime and then maybe an evening out. My consultant was AMAZING and I think I escaped for under $100. She did one half of my face and then had me do the other and practice a few times. As long as you spend $50, the consultation is free (at least, that was the rule several years ago). For someone like me who literally knew nothing, I found the whole thing incredibly helpful and still use the techniques now several years later. Just something to consider! I find the YouTube videos to be overwhelming because I still don’t know how to buy stuff. Good luck!!

  2. Happy Birthday! On the diet and congestion – I recall you mentioning dairy in that regard. Any sneaky items a person may not think about as being something to avoid (as opposed to milk, cheese, ice cream (insert sad face).

  3. Happy birthday! You have been part of my daily life (books first, then podcasts, and blog) for many years, and I often use your words and thoughts in may daily life. Wishing you a very happy birthday and many years ahead, from another middle ager who is just a year ahead 🤣

  4. Happy Birthday!

    I am not a great with makeup either. I watched some Stephanie Lang videos on YT to learn how to do better eye makeup with hooded eyes; this really made a difference in my confidence. I’ve found that Missha’s Magic Cushion compact is quite easy to use and not too heavy (ordered online). Stila cream blush, easy to tap on with fingers (ulta). Tarte fawn or neutrals for eye shadow, use the darkest brown instead of eyeliner (ulta). Loreal black-brown waterproof mascara (ulta). I usually dont use powder but Ulta’s pressed powder works well when I want to set the foundation better. As a fair, blonde with a slightly gold undertone, brown shades look best on me. Black liners and mascaras are too harsh.

    Good Luck!

  5. Happy Birthday! Wonderful picture.
    I do a very simple makeup routine every morning using concealer, a light bronzer (used on cheeks and eyelids), mascara, and a nude lip pencil – takes less than 5 minutes. It does help me feel somewhat “put together” for the day.

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