Best of Both Worlds podcast: Year in review part 2 – personal highlights

In last week’s episode of Best of Both Worlds, Sarah and I shared some of our favorite things from the year. Well, she shared a lot of cool book, podcast, music, and TV show recommendations. I admitted that I had watched nothing but Cocomelon and my “favorites” were all paint colors thanks to the epic home renovation project.

However! In this week’s episode we’re talking more personal highlights, hits, and misses, and so I had a wee bit more to contribute. In the first half of the episode, Sarah shares some of her goals for 2021 and how they played out. In the second half, I share some of my more memorable moments from 2021. There were some good ones and some challenging ones (hello, travel with toddlers…). I had a goal to emerge from the home renovation with my marriage and sanity intact. My husband and I are still together though my sanity is questionable. It was a challenging year but also a very good year. I guess that’s life, right?

We are grateful to have finished another year of Best of Both Worlds! Thanks to everyone who has tuned in this year, and a special thanks to our (growing!) Patreon community. We will be back in 2022 with even more tales of making work and life fit together!

In other news: It’s always so fun to see what past BOBW guests are doing in the world. I have been watching Riche Holmes Grant’s new “Upgrade” home makeover series, done in partnership with Real Simple and Better Homes and Gardens. It’s so much fun — please check it out!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Year in review part 2 – personal highlights

  1. Great episode as always and thanks for the shout out at the end to people with a 1 and 3 year old — that’s literally me! It’s been fun but I’m glad I took a few days off to actually rest before their daycare closed. 😀

    1. @Listener – wise move. And yes, you can just laugh any time someone talks of a holiday break as being “relaxing” or insists that to do it right, you shouldn’t even get off the couch…

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