Best of Both Worlds podcast: 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the annual (or possibly near-annual) gift guide episode! This episode of the Best of Both Worlds podcast is not so much about the hot toys of the year as it is about how to plan and organize gifts, how to be intentional about gifts, and an idea of what to ask for if anyone is planning on giving YOU a gift. After the past two years, how many people could go for a little time off from their responsibilities? That sounds a lot better than a new sweater!

In the question section we help a listener figure out what tasks a full-time nanny could be expected to do if the children are in pre-school/school for a few hours. This can be an opportunity to take some tasks you might need to do during the evenings or weekends off your plate. However, it’s important to be reasonable too.

Please give the episode a listen! And here’s another present you might consider asking for: A subscription to the Best of Both Worlds Patreon community! We’ll be hosting our monthly online meet-up tonight (Tuesday November 16th). If you join today you’ll still be able to get the link for the discussion that’s happening via Zoom at 8 p.m. eastern tonight. Hope to see lots of people there!



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