Best of Both Worlds podcast: A list of good things

After some recent Best of Both Worlds episodes that may have involved, well, complaining, Sarah and I decided to devote an episode to all good things. We chat about mostly little pleasures — spray sunscreen! subscription skincare boxes! water shoes! — that are making our lives work right now. Maybe this episode will inspire you to list your own little loves of the week!

In the Q&A section, we answer something that is definitely a BOBW FAQ: what sort of childcare coverage does a family need when the parents have two inflexible work schedules? The answer is probably more than you were originally planning on, but having adequate coverage is the key to making this scenario work.

Please give the episode a listen, and as always, we appreciate a rating or review!

10 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: A list of good things

  1. Fun episode! I was delighted to hear a puzzle manufacturer recommendation. I’ve never given much thought to it but it makes total sense. Cheap puzzles are insanely frustrating.

    Also can’t stop thinking about machine washable lunchboxes. BRILLIANT.

      1. I’m also in PA, but unfortunately on the other end, because I was like, I’ll join you in a puzzle swap! 🙂

  2. I had to laugh at Laura’s comments about the shorts because that’s so regional. I’m in Central Florida and everyone wears shorts – and not Bermudas! Between swimming at the public pool and running in a group where lots of people go shirtless or only in a sports bra, I think I’ve seen everyone I know in the equivalent of wet underwear, lol.

    1. @Chelsea – yep, we’re a bit more covered up up here! But it’s also not ridiculously hot and humid all the time, so there’s that.

  3. Such a lovely, feel good episode!

    Speaking of puzzles, my mom asked my dad to buy her a new one and he got her a ship sailing in the ocean. Blue water, blue sky, white foam, white clouds. We eventually had to pack it up, it was too frustrating and not really what you want from a recreational pass time.

    1. @Sophie – oh my, I wish I could have intervened! Yes, you can’t just put a pretty image on a jig saw and call it a day. To be satisfying, an image should be such that when you look at any piece, you should have a good sense of where it should go. Any big swathes of single color should be entirely intentional (like it’s marketed as a master-level puzzle or something). Otherwise people are going to be annoyed, not happy – which is the point of a leisure activity. White Mountain and Buffalo Games are both pretty good options.

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