Best of Both Worlds podcast: Thriving at work and giving back with Kathleen Paley

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This post is belated…but here we are! Last week’s episode of the Best of Both Worlds podcast featured longtime listener Kathleen Paley. A few years ago, Kathleen was feeling exhausted during those hard years of raising two young kids while building her legal career at a large firm. She worried she would have no time for her other interests, particularly her desire to invest in her community and make it a better place.

But then she decided to take a hard look at her time, and make some decisions. She would actively make space for fun, and she would take baby steps to start building in the community work that excited her.

In this inspiring episode, she talks about how she stopped spending her weekends running errands (and replaced that time with family adventures!) and how she slowly increased her volunteer commitments. She is now the new chairperson of the Fairfax City Economic Development Authority, where she works to support existing businesses, and bring new ones to her town. She also serves as a financial mentor through BritePaths, taking on 6-12 month assignments to help financially vulnerable people get back on track. Kathleen talks about how she makes the time for these priorities amidst her busy life, and how other people can figure out what sort of volunteer work will allow them to best contribute.

Please give the episode a listen, and as always, we appreciate a rating or review!

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  1. The episode in giving back has been my favorite so far! I would love to hear more interviews with busy professional women who spend free time in volunteer leadership positions. I love this podcast and all content from Laura & Sarah!

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