Best of Both Worlds Podcast: Graduation-inspired tips

June is graduation season. Many are back this year — even if in slightly different form (we watched two livestreams in our house, but attended the kindergarten one in person). So in this episode, Sarah and I explore “graduation” from a few different angles.

We recount some of our own (let’s just say the speakers at my college graduation festivities would probably not be chosen now). It turns out that Sarah has graduated a great many more times than me! We list some advice we would give our graduating selves at different ages — from the serious (Sarah suggests a budget) to the slightly less so (22-year-olds can get away with a lot, but even my 22-year-old self should not have been wearing that leather boots and leather jacket combo to the office).

In the Q&A section, we address a question we are hearing a lot these days — how should people handle a shift back to in-person work? Organizations are exploring a lot of different options, and there’s a real opportunity to set new norms for how we work.

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One thought on “Best of Both Worlds Podcast: Graduation-inspired tips

  1. I also studied abroad in Australia! I didn’t know anyone from my school so it was basically like traveling alone. I did make friends there that I traveled with, though.

    I want to give my younger self advice but I know younger Lisa probably would not listen. Ha. I was a bit bull-headed about things when I was younger. I’m still pretty stubborn, but less so than I was in my younger years. I think I’d mostly tell myself that it’s all going to work out and to not stress about finding the right job, meeting the right person, and starting a family. I really worried I wouldn’t find the right career/role when I was in my 20s, but figured out where I belonged by age 30 which isn’t too bad! And then I got married at 37 which is far older than I thought I’d be when I got married but he was worth the wait!

    I’ll be returning to the office in January and we are expected to be there 3 days/week. I’m hoping I can flex between 2-3 days/week but we’ll see what things are like when I return. It seems like there will be more opportunities to work remotely at other companies so I’d consider changing jobs if her employer isn’t as flexible as she would like. I am starting to see ‘remote’ for the location on job positions posted on linkedin/emailed to me. I like my job too much to jump ship so it’s not a deal-breaker to go into the office 3 days/week but if I had a nasty commute, I’d start networking!

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