Best of Both Worlds: Our 200th anniversary episode

Every Tuesday since August 2017, Sarah (TheSHUBox) and I have published an episode of Best of Both Worlds. That makes 200 today and we’re celebrating with a look back at the past hundred episodes or so, and a glance toward the future.

We have learned a lot from our guests — we share some stand-out tidbits — and from each other. I am pretty sure I began sending a weekend schedule email to my husband after learning Sarah did this (the process of writing it gets me thinking about how I want the weekend to look…and thinking it through means that I usually get to do some fun stuff for me). She has enlightened me to the world of fancy planners — my habit of using a regular notebook may not last long!

We’ve really enjoyed producing this podcast and getting to share our stories, and other people’s stories, with listeners. So thanks for tuning into the podcast every Tuesday!

How many of the 200 episodes would you guess that you have listened to?


15 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds: Our 200th anniversary episode

  1. Congrats! I haven’t missed one yet- I’m most committed to BOBW of all my podcasts. When you started, I was on maternity leave with #2, and am currently on leave with #3.

  2. I’ve binged all of them over the last 6 months or so and am finally caught up! It was a little surreal once I got to the ones from the end of 2019 when you all were talking about your travel plans for 2020 or about how you were going to handle baby care with your husband needing to travel. I wished I could travel back in time and let you know not to worry about any of that!

    1. @Meghan – ha, yes, there were many problems that circumstances solved for us. I spent way too much time worrying about a weekend when I was traveling, my husband needed to leave on Sunday for something, and our normal babysitter couldn’t work because she had to be somewhere. Let’s just say that none of those things happened!

  3. I have listened to every single episode. I was late to the podcast thing so I had a lot of catching up to do. I look forward to hearing your voices every week. Thanks to you both for sharing so candidly about your lives.

  4. I have listened to almost every episode as well, and I just discovered the podcast last summer so there was a lot of binging! You and Sarah have made such a difference in my life and I’m so grateful for what you do! I also think Michelle Obama would be the perfect BOBW guest! While reading “Becoming” in April I couldn’t help but think of you when she arrived at the conclusion that no one else could do her job, the campaign trail, and take care of her girls like she could, but maybe someone else could cook healthy meals for her.

  5. Congratulations. Every Wednesday since August 2017 I have downloaded your podcast and enjoyed it on my day off as the background in my headset as I’ve cleaned house and pulled weeds. Totally different space from your intended audience as all my children are living independently but still interesting. Often share links of individual episodes with others who I think would benefit. Thank you both for your input into my life.

  6. I have listened to every one of them (still hearing the intro: “soon to be three….” 😀 ) And learned so much. As a listener from another country it is interesting to notice differences in culture and legislation like maternity leave. It broadens my view! Thanks so much, both of you, and keep going! xo

  7. I have also listened to every episode! I started listening in 2017 when I was pregnant with our first child and now we have 2 kiddos, ages 3 and 6 months! I listen to a couple other mom podcasts but appreciate that this is more work-focused while also of course addressing parenting/marriage/etc. And I like that one host has a traditional career because it seems like many podcast hosts are self-employed and have more autonomy over their schedules, etc.

    I’m a big Emily Oster fan girl, so your interview with her is one of my favorites. I like her concept of the diminishing returns of spending a full day with your children… i.e. your 7th hour is not as fulfilling as your 1st. I’m not adequately explaining it in this comment, but that part of her book really resonated with me. I also really liked the interview with Sarah’s sister! It was interesting to hear about a different path to parenting. But some of my favorite episodes are when you guys just casually chat about something, like your recent pet peeves episode!

    Lastly, your podcast introduced me to Sarah! I’m a dedicated reader and pretty frequent commenter on her blog now thanks to this show!

  8. I think I started listening in August 2018 after a beach trip during which I read “I Know How she Does It”. I think I ended up googling you, finding your website and then the podcast…Oddly, I listened to the podcast for probably almost a year before it really dawned on me to check out your blogs! (Wasn’t really into blog reading at that point). I know Sarah even mentions “and I’m a blogger on the side” in her intro, but it didn’t register for some reason!! I’m now a dedicated listener to all 3 of you guys’ podcasts (every episode!) and both of your blogs…AND reading your blogs eventually prompted me to start my own blog last year! So, thanks for that! 🙂

  9. All of them! I’m a blog (and book) reader from way back, it took me a while to get into podcasts in general but finally caught the bug in 2019 so started from the beginning.
    I love hearing both your voices each week and still find a lot to think about even though my child is well into teenagerhood.

  10. Congrats on 200 episodes! I am a long time fan (found you with Before Breakfast and then became a stalker!) and I actually was only contemplating being a mom when I heard this podcast. I mean I was really in a difficult place wondering if I could do it with a 3 state territory and as a lawyer. I had made some time management progress thanks to your books, but did not know if I could “do it all”. I realized so many things from those early episodes and now I have a 2 year old. She is amazing and most recently I switched roles and firms to make a better fit for us. I did NOT take less pay or less hours, just more flexibility. BOBW! I have shared so much from both you and SHU. I found Sarah because of you and now I try to start my day just like her– minus any medical advice. I think the best part of the podcast is how you bring the information to us. I love it when you call out that things don’t have to be so hard. Bagged Cesar salad and chicken from the deli= dinner. Make a babyproof porch and read your book. Thanks for all the work that goes into the podcast!

  11. I’ve been here for all the episodes, all the posts, all the books! My favorite episode was probably the one with Sarah Powers as it turned me on to her podcast which I now also love.

    I was sorry to hear that you’ve had hate mail over some of your opinions and lifestyle situations. That’s sad. It made me think of a recent episode of A Drink With a Friend where Tsh Oxenreider and Seth Haines titled “Arguing > Quarreling”. Tsh talks about how our current culture has lost the ability to hold an idea in their mind that is contrary to their own idea(s).

  12. Hi Laura and Sarah,

    I am late to comment but wanted to thank you for helping me to navigate work and motherhood in these early years. My oldest was turning one when I started listening and I now have an almost-2 and almost-5-year-old. I’ve listened to all 200 (must constitute more than 168 hours of my life and I wouldn’t exchange those hours!) and I was an early(ish) guest on the show.

    There are certainly aspects of your lives that I don’t recognize in my own but that helps me think about what I’d like to incorporate into my own and what I can’t for financial or other reasons- but it’s certainly not something you should be faulted for, and I’m sorry you’ve received hate mail over it. As a local public official I know how unfair and upsetting that can be. Keep on keeping on- know that you are helping so many of us out there with your sharing of your experiences as well as your perspective of how possible so much is in our lives, as long as we prioritize (and plan!). Yours is a very hopeful podcast- thank you!

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