Best of Both Worlds podcast: All things summer

Summer is nearly upon us — at least for listeners in the northern hemisphere — and so Sarah and I are celebrating with an All things summer episode. We reminisce about summers past (day camp and the Jersey shore figure prominently) and we talk about our plans for Summer 2021. The camp spreadsheet is made! I have not posted my annual summer fun list on the blog yet but…this week. Stay tuned 🙂

We discuss some summer reading — if you haven’t already, go check out the Modern Mrs. Darcy Summer Reading Guide, which she published this week.

In the Q&A we answer a question about retaining aspects of slower pandemic-style living. Is that something we’re seeking?

Please give the episode a listen. And if you have any Jersey shore summer childhood memories, please share. Especially if they involve skee ball and funnel cake…

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: All things summer

  1. You mentioned 2 books you liked. Something young adult with the kids and something hummingbirds. Can you provide full title/author/links?

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