Best of Both Worlds podcast: Snapshots of life right now

What does life look like these days? Sarah and I have enjoyed the “snapshots” episodes from other podcasts, so we decided to record one for this week.

We cover our morning routines — although mine has now changed with the addition of the dog. Life changes. Even a snapshot recorded three weeks ago is no longer accurate! We discuss lunches. My husband and I are occasionally eating lunch together, sans kids, since we are both working at home. Sarah talks about her work schedule — how many days in the clinic and how many at home. We discuss a week’s worth of dinners. We are still doing the Sunbasket kits two nights a week, breakfast-for-dinner on Wednesdays, and make-your-own pizza on Fridays.

Then there is a bedtime discussion. And skincare! As with our dinners, this is a hodgepodge of an episode. Please give it a listen and as always we appreciate your sharing it with a friend!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Snapshots of life right now

  1. Have you ever considered switching pizza night to Wednesday and breakfast or dinner night to Friday? That might take care of the strawberry conundrum (unless your daughter also likes strawberries with breakfast…)

  2. Really enjoyed this episode. Yes to you more of Sarah and you chatting. (wondering if you could do frozen strawberries.)

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