Best of Both Worlds: Real estate with Daryl Fairweather

If you believe the headlines, everybody seems to be buying and selling homes right now. Not really, but it turns out that spending a year at home will spark some thinking about home improvements or moving. This episode of Best of Both Worlds is mostly about real estate — with some tips and strategies from our guest, Redfin’s Chief Economist Daryl Fairweather.

Long time listeners know that my husband and I purchased a new (old) home in the fall. We’re embarking on some massive renovations. In the opening segment, Sarah and I discuss all the new things I’ve been learning (like about our “muntins” — which required discussions at two local historic commission meetings to get approval…). Then Sarah interviews Daryl about real estate trends and her own set-up for making work and life fit together given her intense job and two young children. Real estate is a fascinating industry, with so much in flux right now (including the disruptions from companies like Redfin!).

Finally, in the Q&A, we tackle one of our most common BOBW questions. A listener still needs reliable childcare, but possibly not quite full time hours (with kids in school at least part-time). So, how should she handle this?

Please give the episode a listen, and as always, we welcome ratings/reviews/comments. Are you renovating or moving in the next few months?

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