Best of Both Worlds podcast: Workplace wellness

One of Sarah’s many jobs involves encouraging physician wellness at her hospital system. She also coaches her residents on wellness. So we thought we’d share what she has learned, what her blog readers have suggested for making the workplace work, and what I’ve seen in my studies of time logs too.

In this episode we delve into what makes someplace a good place to work. None of this is rocket science. Supportive managers and colleagues, autonomy, a sense that problems will be resolved, and real time off go a long way. There are also things we can do individually to make work less stressful, and we talk about those too.

Speaking of less stressful…in the Q&A we address a question from a listener who’s wondering how to efficiently get a toddler out the door. The short answer: nothing is guaranteed to work. But we share what has worked for us! Please give the episode a listen, and as always, we appreciate a rating/review.

3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Workplace wellness

  1. I would add the use of timers as a way to get a toddler out the door. We use timers all the time with our 3yo. He seems to respond better to a timer going off than one of us saying it’s time to go. We use timers soooo much – to leave the park, to signify the end of bath time, etc.

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