Best of Both Worlds podcast: Joann Lublin on Power Moms

All working parents have to navigate tricky issues of work and life. Women in leadership roles face particular pressures, though they also have resources to help deal with these pressures. How did the first pioneering generation of Baby Boomer women manage leadership roles, and has that changed for their daughters?

Former Wall Street Journal editor Joann Lublin addresses these questions in her new book, Power Moms: How Executive Mothers Navigate Work and Life. She interviewed dozens of C-suite leaders and entrepreneurs (and some of their adult daughters too). In this episode of Best of Both Worlds, she shares what she discovered, and recounts tales from her own trailblazing career of leading Journal bureaus, while raising two kids with her husband. The two of them promised in their marriage vows to share household duties equally, but “not necessarily cheerfully.”

In the opening section, Sarah and I discuss our annual camp spreadsheets — which I put on my to-do list last week. In the Q&A we address a listener who wonders how to feel productive during a period of unemployment (in which she’s caring for her young children). Please give the episode a listen!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Joann Lublin on Power Moms

  1. Thinking of the question in this ep and the recent FUN focused one, I would love to see you and Sarah crowd source ideas on 1. fun adventures, hobbies, things to do alone, with kids, partners, friends, etc. and 2. easy to fit in activities for those short moments when you could be interupted at any moment but it also could turn out to be 30 min uninterupted (beyond reading, puzzles). I’m guessing I’m not the only one that sometimes can’t think of what to put on my fun list or hobbies to start or my “when I have a few moments” list. I’d love to hear from your audience.

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