Best of Both Worlds podcast: Self-help, TV, and more with Kristen Meinzer

Over the past year, many of us have clocked…a lot… of screen time. And according to today’s Best of Both Worlds podcast guest, that’s OK!

Kristen Meinzer is the co-host of Movie Therapy with Rafer & Kristen. (She’s also the co-host, with Jolenta Greenberg, of By the Book — which I know a number of BOBW listeners also download regularly!) In this episode, she discusses how TV and the movies are helping people get through the pandemic, and some good shows to check out now — either as brain candy, or for inspiration about tackling goals during tough times.

Since Kristen is an expert in self-help, I couldn’t help but ask about her favorite and least favorite books. She sings the praises of Dale Carnegie…and is not so convinced that men are from Mars and women from Venus. In general, self-awareness helps a lot.

Please give the episode a listen! And if you’ve found a TV series or movie that’s really helped you through the pandemic, I’d love to hear about it!

4 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Self-help, TV, and more with Kristen Meinzer

    1. Yay I listened to the episode–great interview! I just wanted to chime in with a TV show recommendation for you, Laura. You might consider watching the reboot of Queer Eye on Netflix. It’s heartwarming, hilarious, and has that before-and-after-in-less-than-an-hour aspect that we all find so satisfying. Plus it includes both home makeovers and wardrobe makeovers, which might scratch your What Not to Wear itch. I love the new group of guys so much and I get so much inspiration and often learn things, like the French tuck.

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