Merry Christmas anyway

I had noticed that the Christmas tree was leaning a bit. But with children helping to screw it in, and with the tree itself chosen from our local fire station lot as part of a fundraiser, I figured a little asymmetry was part of the charm.

Then it fell over.

I came downstairs yesterday to see the tree toppled over the sofa, with broken ornaments on the floor and needles everywhere. At least no one was sitting there when it came down!

I’m not one to jump on the “can 2020 be over already?” bandwagon. It’s been a pretty good year for my family, all things considered. My husband and I can still do our jobs; my husband doing his from home rather than an airplane has been a huge plus. Since March 12th, we have eaten dinner together as a family almost every night. We’ve watched our little guy go from a 2 day-old newborn as the year began to a happy boy who’s taken his first steps.

Still, maybe there’s a metaphor for 2020 in the fallen Christmas tree. Life can change up all our expectations. Ornaments packed away in tissue paper over the years shatter in a moment. What can you do?

Well, sweep up the mess, put the tree back up, and try again.

Christmas doesn’t look like it was supposed to. Merry Christmas anyway.

In other news: I’ll be running my annual Time Tracking Challenge from January 4-10 this year. If you’ve always wanted to try tracking your time, why not play along? You can sign up here to get daily motivational emails. I’ll post my time logs on the blog too.

5 thoughts on “Merry Christmas anyway

  1. This happened to us a couple of years ago as we were having our morning coffee. And it was my birthday, 3 days after Christmas. I had collected ornaments for years, too, and lost a lot of them in the crash. I have to admit I went out and took advantage of the 50% off sales and bought more. But it really made me think about what to do with all of my treasures if I ever decide not to do the big tree bit. Hopefully, I’ll know someone at that point just aching to decorate an 8-9 foot tree with mostly glass ornaments!

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