Best of Both Worlds podcast: Writing the pandemic novel

Three years into the Best of Both Worlds podcast, Sarah and I have decided to take a divide and conquer approach on our guest interviews. So in this episode, she interviews Simone de Muñoz, who works in the non-profit sector, and wrote a novel during the pandemic…about a pandemic! Manflu comes out in March 2021, so be sure to put that on your to-be-read list. In the opener, Sarah and I discuss current weekend days with kids (this was recorded before Sarah’s family was in full-on quarantine, but no one is going all that many places in any case). Then in the question section, we tackle the idea of planning vacations for 2021, given all that went awry with that in 2020. As always, we appreciate a rating/review wherever you listen to podcasts! And if you enjoy Best of Both Worlds, please tell a friend. We would love to grow more in the new year.

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  1. I am a long time listener from Sweden and I would love to leave a review, but can’t find a way to do it 😐 I listen via Spotify.

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