Best of Both Worlds podcast: Rebecca Hart on solo parenting, and running a small business during a pandemic

Today’s episode of Best of Both Worlds features a very special guest: Sarah’s little sister, Rebecca Hart! Hart owns Warm ‘n Fuzzy, a specialty yarn shop in Cary, NC. She is also the mother of baby Miriam, who was born right around the same time as my little guy.

Sarah and Rebecca share some stories of their childhoods, and then Rebecca talks about how she decided to become a parent on her own (visiting Sarah’s new baby a few years ago helped nudge that process!) She shares what it’s been like owning a brick and mortar store during pandemic shut-downs. Fortunately, she already had a fairly robust online operation going, which she was able to scale up. She has now been able to open her store back up to customers in a limited way.

I really enjoyed the sister dynamic of this conversation, and I hope you will too! In the Q&A section, Sarah and I discuss the challenges of traveling with toddlers, and how to reshape the narrative of a less-than-perfect day.

5 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Rebecca Hart on solo parenting, and running a small business during a pandemic

  1. I really enjoyed hearing Rebecca’s story – both the birth of her business and her child! I can tell Sarah and Rebecca have a close sibling relationship. I hope for the same for our sons but you just never know what is going to happen. I’m 1 of 5 and while we all get along, there are some strong personalities and strong alliances among certain siblings… it can make for some interesting family dynamics at gatherings at times, but all in all we get along and enjoy each others’ company.

  2. This was such a great episode. I really enjoyed hearing about Rebecca’s business and how she was navigating becoming a mother.

  3. As a long time listener of Best of Both Worlds, I was thrilled to listen to this episode. I am a knitter, having taught myself several years ago while studying for the bar exam, and will definitely check out Rebecca’s online shop!

  4. Really enjoyed this episode. Rebecca has my dream job! Good for her, going after what she wants in life. Found it inspiring to listen to.

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