Best of Both Worlds podcast: Best Laid Plans, plus more Q&A

Sarah’s discussions of plans and planning have always been among our more popular episodes of Best of Both Worlds. So I’m thrilled to announce that now you can get your planner fix every week!

As we talk about in this week’s episode, Sarah just launched a new podcast called Best Laid Plans. She covers all things planners and planning, reviews the various products out there, interviews guests, and discusses the planning methods that help her manage her job, her family, her serious workouts, her blog, and, of course, her two podcasts! So please go subscribe to Best Laid Plans, and then leave Sarah a review over at Apple podcasts.

We devote the rest of the episode to more listener questions. Topics include home work stations, pandemic-related habits, questions about moving with kids, and our favorite non-screen activities for children. Please give it a listen!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Best Laid Plans, plus more Q&A

  1. Suggestion on the non-screen activity of cooking-I bought a set of child knives when my daughter was 5. She always wanted to “help” with dinner and it was stressful because I was just try to dinner on the table and she was fussy. Once we had the knives it became her job each night to make a salad. She would choose the veggies from the fridge, cut them up, and put the bowl on the table. This required very little supervision and minimal ness was made plus she was less under foot while I cooked. She’s 9 now and a great all around help in the kitchen.

    1. @Leah – this sounds like a great idea! And nice that she has “her” job. I’m sure you’ve gotten some fun salads!

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