Weekend: It’s cooler in the shade…

Several years ago, I did some extensive research into air conditioning. Not much came of it except this column in USA Today. However, I continue to be fascinated by the question of how to deal with summer heat without sitting inside in the AC all day.

The temperatures hit the mid-90s both days this weekend, and I spent quite a bit of time outside. A big strategy: running early. Jane and I ran 8.2 miles on Saturday morning, starting at 7 a.m. It was not easy but the heat wasn’t so much the reason. I am just…out of shape.

We stayed in the shade a lot too. I got timed tickets for the zoo on Sunday morning and we’d always find a little shady patch from which to view the animals. I spent a lot of time hanging out on my covered porch. Water helps. I took kids in the pool both days around 3 p.m., after avoiding being outside from about noon until then. We went on an evening walk with my parents on Sunday, and even though the thermometer read 90, as the sun was starting to go down a nice breeze had kicked up, and it felt fairly…good. (And pretty! See the photo on this post.)

Now, granted, this is Pennsylvania (or New Jersey in the case of the walk). The humidity wasn’t so terrible, and 90 is about as hot as it gets here. Still, it was nice to realize that my resolution to get outside for at least 20 minutes a day can be pleasant even in the hottest part of summer. If in winter it’s all about the gear, in summer it’s often about the timing. It’s the rare night that sitting outside on the porch at 8:30 p.m. with a glass of wine won’t be lovely.

In other news: The New Corner Office ebook launches tomorrow. Please check it out! If you read it, please consider writing a review…and then letting me know so I can thank you.

My Medium column on how to come up with great ideas ran last week. The best practice? Do something effortless and habitual, so your brain is a little occupied (to beat boredom) but not so stimulated that you don’t think. This is why driving and showering seem so fruitful.

5 thoughts on “Weekend: It’s cooler in the shade…

  1. The best summer purchase we have made is a sprinkler for our trampoline. We don’t have ours stakes down so we move it into the shade and turn on the sprinkler. The kids have been out there for about 2 hours every afternoon…of course we don’t have a pool. This is our first summer in Nebraska and it is much warmer than I was expecting.

    Good luck on your launch!

  2. I have a few guidelines about parking the car. If it’s warm out, I park in the shade. Amazing what a difference the lack of greenhouse effect has on the comfort of the car when I get back in. And if it’s evening (or will be when I come back to the car), I park under a light. In fact, I usually parked by a lamp or tree or other landmark, so I can find the car!

  3. I pre-ordered The New Corner Office and finished reading it last night! It was full of helpful tips that I started using immediately. I also left a review on Amazon (5 stars of course). Thank you for this book!

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