Friday miscellany: Just tired

This may be a long day. The baby went to his six-month check up yesterday (my husband took him — an upside of this long-term work-from-home arrangement!) He weighed in at the 92nd percentile which, aside from the few bowls of cereal we’ve managed to get in him at this point, is all me. So I’m feeling proud of myself there. But the six months shots left him feverish and uncomfortable and he wound up being unable to settle until 2 a.m. This after several nights of waking up multiple times. Then my 5-year-old came to find me at 7 a.m. to build a Lego set together. I’m trying to play with him when he asks because he’s really been needing some attention lately. But it was painful.

The book launch went pretty well. If you’ve read The New Corner Office, I would appreciate your posting a review! Sarah and I recorded two episodes of Best of Both Worlds. I’ve been sneaking in times to record my solo podcasts while everyone is hanging out semi-quietly in the basement. I’m trying to revise a proposal for the next book. In the meantime, I’ve been attending a lot of softball games. I made my first trip to a grocery store in months last night (my husband tends to make the family trips, both because of the pandemic and because I have a bad tendency to underbuy). It was kind of fun to see what was there. I made the impulse purchase of one of those Talenti gelato layers pints. Peanut Butter vanilla fudge. I think I may need some more of it after last night.

I have some vague plan to take the big kids peach picking this weekend. I found one of my weekend game plans from early March the other day. Three adults driving four kids to different activities. It seems like an artifact from a former world.


7 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Just tired

  1. I was looking at my planner yesterday and noted some to dos for later this year I was thinking about back in January…artifact indeed!

  2. I have such mixed feelings when I see things in my planner. This morning I had a moment of sadness when I saw “State!” written in for both days this weekend, referring to my younger son’s WI Long course State championships for swimming he was supposed to compete in and was so excited about. But then I also realized, if State were on, we would have had Regionals last weekend (or just wouldn’t have taken off right before State) to go up to the U.P. of Michigan for a little vacation like we did. Which was wonderful and I’m really glad we had time to do! Sometimes I feel busy enough even WITH all that stuff crossed off my planner and I wonder how on earth we would have made that all happen, anyway! Haha.

    1. @Grateful Kae – well, time is always filled with something! It’s interesting to see how it stretches when we have a lot going on.

  3. Talenti mint chip is pretty amazing too. I had to stop buying it because my family complained I was making them fat.

  4. Any thoughts on sleep training the baby? How did you manage with the other kids in the baby stage especially with how hard baby 4 was? Hugs. The whole not sleeping thing has killed me both times in the first year

    1. @Rachel – I can’t really remember how I managed the other kids. Maybe because I was so sleep deprived then too? I guess I do know that it gets better. I’m not sure I have the energy to sleep train this one.

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