Best of Both Worlds podcast: Exploring possibilities with Lisa Canning

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Longtime readers know that I am fascinated by the logistics of large families. I also love interior design, though in the same way I appreciate basketball (meaning my personal abilities in either are close to zero). So Sarah and I enjoyed chatting with Lisa Canning on the Best of Both Worlds podcast this week.

Canning’s career has taken her through stints on HGTV, and now to writing (check out her book, The Possibility Mom), and coaching. Along the way she and her husband have had 8 children in 11 years!

We discussed the importance of a big table, a bedroom sanctuary with a lock on the door, and making a schedule reflect your priorities. We talked big family hacks (all white socks) and whether Drew and Jonathan Scott are the same in person as they are on TV (yep). Please give the episode a listen!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Exploring possibilities with Lisa Canning

  1. Hello, I love listening to BOBW and always take away useful strategies! Follow-up question to the Lisa Canning interview, I love her advice to focus on the tasks only you can do and outsource/delegate the rest but have a difficult time putting that into practice in my own career. I work for a large financial institution in regulatory compliance. While I work on a team, we all have our own areas of responsibility and mostly work independently of each other so there are no “junior” members of our team (or admin staff for that matter) to delegate to. Basically everything that lands in my inbox needs to be reviewed, digested, approved and/or responded to. I do prioritize tasks but unfortunately have a large amount of urgent but not terribly important tasks. Given that sort of work environment, I’m wondering if you have any advice for managing this type of work load when delegation isn’t possible.

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