A little break in the waves

We’re nearing the end of our beach trip, and since today is rainy and windy, it’s probably time. My husband and I are both working from home, so we figured we could work from the beach too. We’ve each been doing a few hours a day plus the usual sandcastles, wave-jumping, ice cream eating and the like. We’ve made some good memories, even if it hasn’t exactly been relaxing. The baby has reverted to newborn sleep. I’m up around 1 a.m. and 4 a.m. every night.

But yesterday, I decided to build in a little treat. None of the kids wanted to go back to the beach in late afternoon at low tide, so I went all by myself. I swam for 20 minutes or so without worrying about anyone else, without thinking about much, just enjoying the waves, the wind, and the wide open sky.

I’m an introvert. One challenge for me with a big family is that someone is always talking to me. This has been even more true over the past few months with everyone home 24-7. I’ve learned that I’m better prepared for this if I get at least a little bit of guaranteed silence and solitude. A little break in the waves can do that.

12 thoughts on “A little break in the waves

  1. Another introvert here! One thing I think I read on SHU’s blog awhile ago, or heard her mention on the podcast, was something about how even really short breaks of ten-twenty minutes of completely alone time can be very rejuvenating. I scoffed at that at the time, but it has been very true for me these last few months.

  2. We now live a 5-minute walk from the beach (on the Slovenian coast), so several mornings a week, I drop my son off at kindergarten and take a swim in the sea before starting work. I love wild swimming, so it sets a positive tone for my whole day.

  3. Agree! I’m the same way. My husband wonders sometimes why I am a little “cranky” in the evenings sometimes right now…even though my kids are old enough to leave me alone for the most part while I work, they are still just “around” all the time. Popping in and out, talking to me, asking a “quick question”…I have been craving an empty house. Not permanently! But I am longing for a nice stretch of 6-7 hours of peace and quiet while they are at school and can take a tea break without necessarily having to talk to anyone.

  4. I have not read this book yet…but would like to! Might be helpful to other introverted Moms….

    Introverted Mom: Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy
    by Jamie C. Martin

  5. Happy to hear that you were able to enjoy the break, Laura. Makes me think of what you wrote in “Off the Clock” about savoring an experience, and about how writing about a pleasant experience makes it even more enjoyable!

  6. Hi Laura, I am really enjoying your blog and the BOBW podcast! Thanks for what you are doing in both spaces! I have a question. My 12-year old would like to take a writing course, I think you mentioned Jasper taking one (I couldn’t find the exact post). Could you recommend a good one? Thanks

    1. @Julia – we have him doing weekly virtual tutoring sessions through Varsity Tutors. They were a podcast sponsor a while back so I tried them out and we kept using them!

      1. Laura, many thanks, looks like a really good option. My daughter and I really enjoyed his writing tips as well!

  7. Just catching up on blog posts and I am so glad you captured the struggles of an introvert here. I know this kind of “struggle” is trivial compared to health and financial challenges that others are facing, but being an introvert stuck at home with no escape has been hard! My kids are back at school – they are offering 6 weeks since the school year was cut short – but my husband the extrovert is still home. I love him, but he is on the phone ALL day, usually on speaker or walking around the house and frequently pops into the room where I work. I think for my own sanity I need to start locking the door, and headphones with ambient music has helped, but I welcome any tips/future posts about how to make time to be alone and recharge during COVID.

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