7 months

Baby #5 arrived seven months ago today. Knowing now about the timing of his arrival, I’m quite glad I went into labor in the middle of the night, and not during my various activities on December 28th: shopping at Costco, going to Disney on Ice, sitting in traffic on I-76. That would have been awkward. Anyway, we had a house full of relatives and so everyone got to meet the little dude soon after his birth.

He’s a very social little fellow. He loves to sit at the table during family dinners which, because of the coronavirus, we’re having almost every night. He’s got big smiles for all his siblings. He likes to nap in the Ergo carrier on Daddy’s chest. But he’s still very much a mama’s boy, keeping his eyes on me whenever he can.

He is growing magnificently, with some amazingly chubby legs. Supplying the round-the-clock milk necessary to make this possible is making me…hungry. But the upside of never going anywhere is that it’s been pretty easy to keep my milk supply up. He will sometimes take a cup. He tolerates some oat cereal, sweet potatoes. And he nurses with gusto.

Sleep is just a struggle. I probably should sleep train him, but that takes energy, which is in short supply by 9 p.m. And, in my advanced maternal age, I’m kind of a softie.

Anyway, he has been such a wonderful addition to the family. The kids all love to hold him and play with him. He’s sitting up but not quite mobile yet. I know this is a short stage, so I’m trying to enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “7 months

  1. What a doll! I saw a photo you posted elsewhere (IG?) of his delicious thighs… keep up the great work! 🙂

  2. mine is a week younger than yours and I also cannot bring myself to sleep train her… the nursing snuggles in the middle of the night are too sweet haha.

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