Friday miscellany: Running out of time

I meant to post earlier but feeding a baby every 3 hours means I feel like I’m constantly running out of time. I should be able to figure out a way to type with one hand or dictate but I have my writing habits after many years and they seem hard to change. Especially when I’m not sleeping well. The baby’s unwillingness to take a bottle means that nights are all mine. Last night my husband slept in the room with the baby and then brought him to me elsewhere under the theory that he’s less likely to wake up for minor noises. It was still two overnight feedings. It’s all frustrating, since the child has slept through the night multiple times (he’s five months old today and developmentally should be able to). He apparently just doesn’t want to anymore. At least he is cute!

Anyway, just a few short notes. I cut my husband’s hair this week, and divorce has not ensued.

We’ve started ordering delivery from a new local restaurant every Thursday night. This is quickly becoming a weekly highlight.

Over at City Journal, I wrote an article called “Make your own job” about the promise of entrepreneurship education. I love being able to revisit topics; I wrote about the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship in USA Today a great many years ago.

If you enjoy listening to Audible’s offerings, check out my Audible for Business workshop, “How to be more intentional with time.

And over at Medium, my weekly column says to “Ask this question before calling a meeting.” I would love if the first question asked, when someone proposed to meet, shifted from “when?” to “why?”

It should be a nice summer weekend. I scored tickets to a drive-through experience at one of our local zoos. We’ll do a drive-through church celebration, watch the virtual P-rade, and get Rita’s as usual. This was fun to turn into a habit!



8 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: Running out of time

  1. Have you considered early introduction to solids? The whole “just for fun till age 1″thing seems to be specific to America. That’s not the advice here (Ireland). I did early solids with both my babies with first tastes from 17 weeks and by 7 months they were both on 3 solid meals and 3 milk feeds a day. Both slept through the night from the time they were getting a decent amount of solids.

  2. My employer recently in the last couple of years really shifted the focus to minimizing unnecessary meetings and sort of revamping that whole arena.

    We have been able to decrease our team “huddles” to only once a month (which is appropriate for my department) instead of twice a month, and there were at least two other monthly meetings that I used to attend that really had very little value to my role personally. After those were cut out, I now have at LEAST an extra 3-5 hours per month to do other more effective work. Doesn’t sound like a ton, but that’s potentially up to 60 hours a year!! I can get a lot of real work done in 60 hours. 🙂

    1. @Grateful Kae- that is a move in the right direction! Sometimes meetings are necessary. But way less frequently than people think they are.

  3. I LOVED this entrepreneurship education article you wrote! My major in college that I declared in December of my senior year of high school was Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. That’s exactly what I do today, starting and running a podcasting software company 🙂 I feel like I am part of the small percentage of people whose major they chose at age 17 is exactly what they do at age 33! Along the way I picked up a second major in Finance, but honestly only remember my Entrepreneurship classes as being the most helpful…making many business plans, testing ideas, learning how to hire people, pricing strategy, etc. Many of the other students in my major were part of family businesses and knew they would be taking over the “family business” at some point in their life. We had the best class discussions. It was fascinating!

  4. My kids never slept through the night until they were weaned. It sounds like you’ve had good sleepers so far but maybe not this time? Uggggg…. those nights of waking up multiple times is so wearing.

    1. @Sarah K – unfortunately, I haven’t had good sleepers, though two of the four older children were worse than the others. I was hoping this little guy would be a dream. I mean you can hope, right? The last few nights were better though.

  5. Good luck with the sleep Laura. Having Dad sleep with baby and only bring him in for feeds definitely helped me get more sleep when bfing my little ones. I’m afraid both mine slept worse after introducing solids. I waited until 6 months which is the advice here in England. Fingers crossed for you.

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