Friday miscellany: lettuce cups and closets

This week has been busy but mostly good. I’m writing an ebook, tentatively called The New Corner Office, about productively and ambitiously working from home. Penguin Random House will publish it this summer. So that’s a bit of a quick turnaround. I finished a 20,000 word draft today, and will spend the next week editing and adding a few more stories from successful people. It gets better as I go. With all projects, it’s best to leave time to come back to it.

My daughter and I cooked dinner from the Sunbasket meal kit last night (they’re a new BOBW podcast sponsor, so I wanted to try them out). We did hoisin-flavored steak strips with pickled daikon and carrots in lettuce cups. The spicy mayo was pretty good. I think it’s Korean noodles tonight. I don’t enjoy cooking solo, but it’s fun to do with my kids, and meal kits provide a quick, low-fuss way to do this.

Then I participated in virtual choir via Zoom. We can’t actually sing together, but the conductor plays the piano, mutes us all, and we each sing our parts separately. It’s fun to sing, even if not really with anyone else.

My husband and I finished cleaning out half our closet. Now I just need to remove the low clothes bar and it will be ready for a rug and the crib. When we lived in NYC, our now 10-year-old slept in the closet for a while. It’s funny to think that, despite moving to a suburban house, we are still putting a baby in a closet. Hopefully he will sleep better there. After demonstrating that he can sleep through the night, he’s been regressing. Last night was pretty much a newborn night (1 a.m., 4 a.m., 6 a.m….) Here’s hoping the weekend is better.

In other news: I’m digging into a fun “big idea” non-fiction book called Think Like a Rocket Scientist, by Ozan Varol. It’s about how to tackle complex problems without clear guidelines — a useful thought process even for people who aren’t trying to send stuff out into space!

I just finished The Boys of Summer, Roger Kahn’s book about the early 1950s Brooklyn Dodgers. I was racing through at the end to meet my Libby deadline, but I generally enjoyed it. More on that in my April book write-up next week!

4 thoughts on “Friday miscellany: lettuce cups and closets

  1. Kid in a closet? My mother-in-law tells me that at least one of her 7 slept in a drawer when the kid just above him was still using the crib. I’m PRETTY sure she put the drawer on the floor, not IN the dresser. But you never know.

  2. We had the pack and play bassinet in our walk in closet for a REALLY long time with our youngest because we both had some health issues and it was easier for me to have her closer rather than going upstairs to the nursery. Bonus that closets are dark and somewhat insulated from the noise of the rest of the house, so she napped better, too!

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