Best of Both Worlds podcast: A What Fresh Hell podcast mash-up

Best of Both World podcast with Laura Vanderkam

We love introducing listeners to new podcasts, and we love being on other podcasts too! So this week, Sarah and I welcomed Amy Wilson and Margaret Ables of the What Fresh Hell podcast — tagline: laughing in the face of motherhood — to Best of Both Worlds. We’ll be guests on their podcast tomorrow. We talk about life right now, the trouble with “lessons learned” from this uncertain time, and how to keep laughing.  Be sure to check out their podcast too!

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: A What Fresh Hell podcast mash-up

  1. I was listening to the WFH episode and heard the anecdote about the reader with the split day and thought ‘that sounds like me!’ and then realized it was me!! I’ve been a bit lax about it this week as I’ve had a few extra bedtimes and one fully solo day, and my productivity has really suffered for it. Taking time to plan tonight and try to end the week on a more positive note with some words written. The nightime planning serves as a warm-up and often I can clarify my ideas over night so I’m ready to write the next day.

    1. @CBS – I think I’ve been using your anecdote daily! It’s just so smart, and so counter to what many people do, which is when it’s finally their turn for quiet focus they…clean out their inbox. So yep, I am citing the original comment all over the place…:)

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