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My previous post discussed my self-employed maternity leave, and how my intentions were playing out in reality. Today’s episode of Best of Both Worlds addresses this topic with the help of an expert guest, maternal health advocate Arianna Taboada.

Taboada trained in public health, specializing in high-risk maternal situations. Now she consults with business owners on how they can keep their businesses running while transitioning into parenthood. Sarah and I had set a time to interview her in the beginning of January, and then I had my baby a few days prior. So Sarah did this episode solo, which makes sense given the topic!

Taboada has a lot of good suggestions for any entrepreneurs trying to figure out how to keep their businesses running, while still taking some time away. She suggests figuring out a plan that can start at 35 weeks if need be (to account for the window when a baby might arrive). She suggests drafting templates for anything that happens frequently, like initial client responses. And she cautions against black-and-white thinking — like whether maternity leave has been done “right” or not. There is no right or wrong. It’s all experimentation.

She also suggests figuring out potential mental health resources ahead of time, in case you find yourself as one of the (many) women who experience postpartum mental health challenges. In the grips of postpartum depression, it could be hard to do the logistical work of seeking out help. So, just as you’d research a pediatrician, you can find out who would take your insurance and be available, just in case you’d need it.

This is a really important topic, so please give the episode a listen! And if you’re looking for some podcast recommendations, Sarah riffs on her favorite solo podcasters during her (solo) introduction. So that’s worth your while too.

2 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Postpartum support networks

  1. I absolutely loved the guest’s recommendation to research mental health options before you (might) need them. In addition to doing that before you’re struggling (and it may be harder to take on the task), it seems like it also might help address some of the stigma that exists around mental health care. Great idea!

  2. Great topic… whether you are business owner or not, there are benefits in approaching maternity leave with more intentionality. And the mental health topic is also very important and would be a great idea for future guest. Maybe someone who struggled not in the first months after birth, but rather in the toddler years or when a second child came around. As Sarah mentioned, I also found these times to be more challenging from the mental health perspective.

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