The 24-hour baby moon

My husband and I took a quick, kid-free trip to NYC this weekend. We ran out the clock on any sort of elaborate baby moon but we figured we could still do a one-night trip.

It was mostly a good time. I say mostly because being 8 months pregnant is just hideously uncomfortable. My normal self would think nothing of walking around a museum for 2 hours. My current self took advantage of every available bench, but it turns out you can still see a lot of art while sitting on benches, so there we go.

My husband drove us into the city on Friday afternoon. We stayed near Grand Central (courtesy hotel loyalty points…this was a cheap baby moon too). We took in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is open late on Fridays. I spent quite a bit of time looking at American landscape paintings, and then at a special display of historic clocks. The angel-bedecked Christmas tree is always spectacular.

We then took a cab across Central Park to go to the Young New Yorkers’ Chorus concert on the upper west side. I sang with the choir for 9 years when I lived in Manhattan, and I definitely miss it. Young (good!) voices can produce quite a tight sound, which was particularly apparent during the men’s production of Biebl’s Ave Maria. Humorously, there are still a few singers who joined around the time I did…which means they are not young. But the definition is fluid!

After, my husband and I went to a Mexican place near our old apartment. Then back to the hotel where I thought I would not sleep. I can barely sleep in my own bed right now but after a 5 a.m. wake-up, I managed to get back to sleep again by 6 a.m. and then slept until…8:30. Not bad!

We went to breakfast at the Gemini Diner, which we used to frequent as a young, childless couple. I think we ordered the same things we always did. It was fun to reminisce, and to see which businesses were still around as we walked through our old neighborhood. Then it was back in the car to drive to PA.

The kids were not exactly thrilled about our taking this trip but now I have no plans to be gone overnight for roughly the next 4 months. So it was good to get away for a bit…

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