Best of Both Worlds podcast: Year in review

It’s Tuesday, which means it’s time for another episode of Best of Both Worlds, even if many people are switched up from their usual schedules. If you’re not commuting today, I hope you’ll listen to the episode while on the treadmill, doing dishes from holiday meals, in the car while on the way to visit relatives…

In this episode, Sarah (suffering from mild laryngitis) and I (wacky with sleep deprivation) recorded our thoughts on the year. 2019 was wonderful in a great many respects. Sarah got promoted. She moved and sold her house. We decided to turn Best of Both Worlds into a side hustle (hence the ads). After launching a book (Juliet’s School of Possibilities) and another podcast (Before Breakfast — with episodes coming out five times a week!) I spent much of the year gestating. This has not always been easy, but I’ve still run every day and took some fun trips too.

(Thinking of the whole year-in-review concept…maybe I need to do a decade-in-review post! The 2009 to 2010 changeover seems like…a long time ago).

Then in the Q&A section we tackle a question from a mom-of-two listener who was an only child, and whose parents have been very vocal that she should definitely not have a third kid…which she would like to have. What do we recommend about extended family pushback? Anyway, I enjoyed this episode. Please give it a listen and then if you’re thinking “hey, I’d like to give Laura and Sarah a holiday gift!” you can do so by leaving us a rating/review over at Apple Podcasts, and telling a friend to give us a listen. It really does help our audience grow!

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