Best of Both Worlds podcast: Raising prepared kids (plus homework)

School — the schedules, the coursework, the social scene — shapes a big chunk of family life. Yet so little of it is examined. Why does school exist in its current form? Should it? Do schools prepare kids for what’s to come?

Diane Tavenner found herself asking all these questions around the time she became a parent some 15 years ago. But this long-time educator’s approach was slightly different. She wound up founding Summit Public Schools, a network of charter schools that promotes project based learning and independent inquiry. She came on Best of Both Worlds this week to talk about that journey, and how to raise children who are prepared for life — the subject of her new book, Prepared.

In the opener, Sarah and I discuss that perennially angsty topic: homework. How much should parents get involved? In the Q&A section, we tackle a query from a listener whose friends want her to do a babysitting swap.

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