Best of Both Worlds podcast: Goals 2020

Another Tuesday, another podcast episode, but since it’s New Year’s Eve, we knew we had to talk 2020 goals! In this (short!) episode, Sarah and I discuss our resolutions and plans for 2020. From doing “mommy days” with our big kids, to taking some cool trips and possibly even running a marathon, we’ve got our sights on big things.

I know the whole New Year’s concept is completely arbitrary. Today is Tuesday and tomorrow is Wednesday and there is not some big wall in time between the two. Most people will be back at work (or school, or normal life) by Thursday, doing whatever it was they were doing before the holidays.

However, I think it’s still fun to celebrate the clean slate and think about fresh starts. And I’m personally getting a jump start on my Q1 relationship goal of welcoming the new baby and helping us adjust to being a family of seven! I hope you have big goals and dreams for 2020 and I wish you the best of luck on making them come true.

4 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Goals 2020

  1. Happy New Year! Brown County, Indiana has beautiful leaves in the fall, so that might be another destination to consider for leaf-watching.

  2. Laura, I just love that you mentioned your upcoming joint trip to Leipzig and Bachfest in your 2020 goals episode- we are looking forward to having Sarah & you speak on career development, time management, planning, productivity, and, really, all the best of both worlds.

    Very excited to see you both soon and proud to share a Q2 2020 goal with you,

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