Best of Both Worlds Podcast: Ask us anything! (Part 1)

Best of Both World podcast with Laura Vanderkam

Sarah and I love interviewing distinguished guests for the podcast…but sometimes it’s fun just to pull an episode together based on listener questions. So that’s what we did this week. In this episode, we cover our ideal vacation spots, how much we censor ourselves on the podcast, what conditions Sarah treats, what we’d tell our younger selves, sex post kids (mostly the question was about making time for such things — because we do censor ourselves to some degree!), how we choose activities for the kids, going to during-the-day kid events. Etc.!

Our love of the week? Our listeners! It’s really exciting that we can post a question on Instagram stories and get a whole episode of fodder. We have a favor to ask: If you enjoy Best of Both Worlds, would you please tell a friend? We would love to grow our listenership. And if you’ve gotten a useful strategy from BOBW, I’d love to hear about that too (to share in a future episode!) As always you can email me at laura at lauravanderkam dot com, or connect with us over on Instagram (@best_of_both_worlds_podcast).

3 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds Podcast: Ask us anything! (Part 1)

  1. Really looking forward to this one but saving it for my run tomorrow! I have always loved how you and Sarah take so much of a “can-do” approach- it’s really refreshing when a lot of what (I feel!) I see is frustrated/exasperated/tired people (women).
    Major takeaways that I have from you both so far:
    – shift timing so that things work for you. I am a morning person, so I get up really early and use that time to get things done. Prior to this, I was getting up when my husband did, around 7, and wondering why I wasn’t really managing to complete tasks in the evening. Now, the 5-7 AM window is my favourite time for working/thinking/doing.
    – use every window of time as effectively as possible. I’ve embraced relaxing/recharging (fellow introvert here) on my commute. Instead of driving now, I take the bus and read a book or listen to a podcast. Makes a big difference for coming home feeling sane and takes only a bit longer (worth it).
    Thank you for so many great episodes! I look forward to Tuesdays because of you both.

    1. @Alyssa- thanks for the comment and I hope the podcast made the run go quickly! These are great take-aways. Taking the bus in order to get a chance to decompress and read is a wonderful idea.

    2. We are also a bus-taking couple! That allows one of us to do drop off and the other to do pick up. My husband drives to daycare, drops our son off and parks by a nearby bus stop. I take the bus from home to work in the morning. Then we do the reverse in the afternoon. It does take longer to take the bus but I like being able to read/listen to podcasts instead of being stressed by the drive!

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