Weekend: Eagles and running on day 1001 (and 1002…)

My running streak hit 1000 days on Friday. I suppose that could be a finish line of sorts, but as predicted, I woke up Saturday and still felt like I’d like to go for a run. So I did. Sunday too. So now the streak is at 1002 days. It will end at some point. But not just yet.

Everyone spent a fair amount of time in transit this weekend. My husband went with his mother and three siblings to a Texas A&M football game in College Station. (All four kids went to A&M and my mother-in-law worked there for many years.) During this quick trip (Friday to Sunday) they managed to go and see their childhood home, meet with students who are part of a program many of them participated in, etc. Too bad A&M lost the game! It was pretty cool that they could make this trip as a family.

Life continued here, and this weekend was a reminder that our family’s weekend logistics are tough to pull off with one adult. Fortunately, we didn’t have that situation — I went to Princeton Friday night for a board meeting for one of the student groups I was in and, after, I picked up my mom and drove back to PA. So she was able to stay with the kids while I did various things: took the 9-year-old to his flag football game on Saturday morning, for instance, and drove the 12-year-old to and from a bar mitzvah downtown on Saturday night. Saturday afternoon was warm enough to go in the pool! We did that for quite a while.

Sunday I took the 9-year-old to an Eagles game as a 10th birthday present. We’ve done this the past 2 years and have generally enjoyed it, though the 85 degree temperatures were a bit much. We pretty much just boiled in the stands, and even with sunscreen on my son and I both have one or two red spots we must have missed. Oh, and the Eagles lost, and in general did not distinguish themselves. At one point the Detroit Lions got a 101-yard kickoff return touchdown. But it was still mostly a good time, with a major improvement over last year: better logistics. We always wound up getting stuck in traffic and sitting in the parking lot for ages. This year, we took Uber to the game, then took the subway north from the stadium to the northern side of downtown. We got an Uber there and avoided the parking lot jam and the worst of the I-76 traffic. Lesson learned.

My husband landed from his Dallas flight in late afternoon. We ended the weekend with an ice cream cake to celebrate the 10th birthday. Then my husband drove my mom back to New Jersey, and it was up this morning to do the carpool and start all over again…

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