Jasper’s Disney cruise review

by Jasper Conway

(Laura’s note: I’m welcoming my favorite guest poster back to the blog today. Jasper, my 12-year-old, went on the Disney cruise last week, and has his own supplement to my review. Here goes!)

I went on a Disney cruise for five days last week and I had a good time. Overall, I’d give the trip a 9.6 out of 10.

Here are five things I really liked:

1. Service. Everyone is so good and they try to make it a pleasant experience from the getting on the boat to the restaurants to the cleaners of your hotel room.

2. Castaway Cay stingrays. A fun experience where you feed the stingrays and snorkel with them. It’s super interesting and they make sure the barbs are completely safe.

3. The lazy river at Atlantis.* This is the most fun lazy river ride I’ve been on. There are waves, rapids, tunnels, a conveyer belt, and more. I would only advise that you don’t go in thinking it’s calm. Because it’s not, at some points!

4. Dolphins at Atlantis.* This is super cool. You get to go in with the dolphins and play with them. I liked the trick where you get on a boogie board in the water with your feet flat out and the dolphin comes over and pushes you. It’s a crazy feeling when you have a rubbery nose pushing on your foot!

5. Disney’s theater and the Buena Vista Theater. I would really advise seeing some of the shows, like the Golden Mickeys and seeing a Disney movie at the Buena Vista Theater. In the Golden Mickeys, I really liked when Tarzan swung on a vine and the monkeys danced crazily around him. It was a well-made show and the dances were over-the-top in a good way!

*Atlantis resort in Nassau, Bahamas, where the ship docked on day 2

Jasper starts 7th grade after Labor Day. You can read his reviews of Disney World’s top rides here.

Photo: Aquarium at Atlantis resort in Nassau, Bahamas

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  1. Great review! All of my favorite highlights. And I love riding the belt up to the slides at Atlantis! So glad he loved it. My oldest is a year younger so I can totally relate.

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