Friday miscellany plus vacation note

This has been a week of trying to follow the time management advice I would give other people. I’m happy to say that I’ve been pleased with the outcomes!

On Monday, I was interviewed for a podcast where the host asked about Off the Clock’s suggestion to plan in little adventures. I mentioned that in my time diary study, the people with the most abundant perspective on time were highly likely to have done something memorable on the March Monday I had them track. They went to salsa dancing lessons, or a big band concert…on a Monday night! Putting in things that will be memorable makes time feel more rich and full.

So I’m waxing on about this, and then I get a text from my older brother mentioning that he has an extra ticket for a performance at a jazz club in Philadelphia that evening (one of his sons plays in a fairly serious jazz orchestra). Did I want to join him? Logistically, I could make it work. So I decided to be the sort of person who goes to a jazz club on a Monday night. I was only gone from the house about 2.5 hours, and it was fun to listen to the music and catch up with my brother. Memorable!

On Wednesday, I took my eldest to Hersheypark for his Mommy Day. By using my work flexibility to work last Saturday, I was able to take Wednesday off and spend the time connecting with my pre-teen. I’m feeling fairly good about what I got done before being on vacation this upcoming week.

Speaking of which…I probably won’t be posting here (limited email access). I’ll put a Best of Both Worlds blog post up if I can — we’re celebrating our 2nd anniversary and crossing 1 million downloads this week! — but if not, it will go up next weekend.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a wonderful penultimate weekend of summer! (Or winter…for those in the southern hemisphere).

In other news: Looking for a summer read? Please check out Juliet’s School of Possibilities, my time management fable. Or Off the Clock, which has all sorts of ideas for developing an abundant perspective on time.




2 thoughts on “Friday miscellany plus vacation note

  1. It makes me so sad to read that summer is over. I feel I haven’t been able to seize the season.
    Gave away Juliet this weekend as a birthday present!

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