Best of Both Worlds podcast: Julie Morgenstern on organizing and parenting

I’m a long-time fan of Julie Morgenstern’s books on time management and organization. So I was thrilled when she agreed to be a guest on Best of Both Worlds!

This week’s episode features Julie’s advice on getting organized, scheduling, and ideas from her new book, Time to Parent.

In this book, Julie takes on the daunting task of generating a job description for parenthood. All parenting tasks, she says, fall into one of four categories: Providing (earning money, physical care taking), Arranging (the scheduling and logistics), Relating (Playing, talking, and otherwise nurturing the relationship), and Teaching (discipline, advising, instructing, and the other things we do to make kids decent people).

Julie gives strategies for thinking about time in each category, and also reminds us that while we’re raising humans, we’re also busy being humans. Caring for ourselves involves another acronym: SELF — sleep, exercise, love, and fun. She’s got tips for making time for each.

We did a slightly different Q&A this time, and posed questions to Julie from listeners! Please check out the episode and let me know what you think.

6 thoughts on “Best of Both Worlds podcast: Julie Morgenstern on organizing and parenting

  1. I liked her advice on making short, meaningful connections with your kids instead of feeling like you need to spend hours upon hours making connections with them. We have a 17-month old with the shortest attention span so I’m feeling good about the times when I sit and read with him (which can go on for 15+ minutes – this kid is like me and LOVES books). But it’s nice to not feel like I need to be on the floor playing with him for an hour, for example.

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