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I spent last night in a hotel room. I got in relatively early, due to limited flights from Philadelphia to my destination. So I had high hopes of getting a lot of work done, or at least reading the book I brought along. But for whatever reason, flying takes a lot out of me. I made it out to dinner…and then spent a ton of time watching Property Brothers on HGTV.

I don’t watch much TV (my long-term average tends to be less than an hour a week, per my time logs). Most of what I do watch is live sports. So when I do, it’s an interesting, almost anthropological experience.

First, it really does fill the time. I don’t know why I marvel at that, but I do. I had about four hours of time in my room, and I watched almost four hours of Property Brothers and I was entertained the whole time. Renovation shows really do have a pleasant arc, at least for the viewer. Having lived through a massive home renovation last year, I know it’s stressful and disruptive. The characters on the show talk about it being stressful, but you don’t really see the stress in the sense of them cooking on a hot plate or sharing a bathroom with relatives when they leave their homes completely. So it’s all light and fun. The houses really do look better afterwards!

I did find myself wondering, sometimes, about the people on these shows. They clearly chose to be on this show because they thought the Scott brothers did good work. Yet people will need to be convinced that the brothers’ ideas for where the cabinets should be are wise. I guess some people really like control. Or maybe the show’s producers tell them to create conflict. Who knows.

In any case, it’s amazing how much good staging and design will add to the value of a house. I assume some is branding too (this is a Property Brothers’ work!) But one that stood out in particular was a $600k home that they put $85k of work into. They listed for $815k and sold at list price. The right throw pillows do a lot!

So that’s how I spent my evening. I guess fun as it goes. I can’t imagine spending every evening this way. But I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump. I’m working through Dune, which is exciting, but I’m never really been a science fiction sort. So I don’t automatically think to pick it up.

Do you manage to stay productive while traveling? Or what’s your low-energy activity of choice?

Photo: TV at home, not in hotel room.

8 thoughts on “Musings on hotel room TV

  1. I was away last week in a city where I didn’t have people I knew and ended up reading a novel a night. I had quite severe cabin fever by the end but it was nice to get sushi and curl up with a book. I am not a solo tv person though – I only really like to watch tv snuggled up with my husband.

  2. I don’t really travel for work, but I did go to a conference with my colleagues in April and I also found myself drawn to HGTV whenever I had any downtime in my hotel room. It was the right amount of mindless I needed and admittedly one of the few channels I could easily find on the TV’s on-screen guide! 🙂

  3. My low-energy activity of choice is reading blogs:) We have afternoon “room time” where the kids are sent to play quietly in their rooms- away from each other and away from me. I usually spend that time reading blogs and clicking links.

    HGTV is always my channel of choice when I am in a hotel! Then, it’s usually blogs on the laptop and HGTV on the tv.

    1. @Katherine – blogs with HGTV! I think I need to find some new blogs to follow. Some people I’d been following stopped posting.

  4. I love this post — I binge watch HGTV when visiting the US. I’m based in Europe and have definite views about international house hunters who want everything they had in their home country as well! I’ve found while traveling hotel TV downtime is not only a low-energy activity but also an energy-recharging activity. The hubby/kids also have their favorites to relax — food, renovation, travel programs. We’re together and will comment from time to time but are otherwise just content to be lying down after walking all day.

  5. I don’t have broadcast or cable TV at home, so the only time I really am able to indulge in TV watching is when I’m traveling. Lately, I’ve been mildly obsessed with any and all iterations of the Kardashian clan family drama on E! I think it’s the idea of this crazy, big, bickering, yet clearly tight-knit and loving family and how they manage to still look polished and shiny and carefree despite all the drama of being in the spotlight plus the inevitable ups and downs of life itself (which apparently even all the money in the world can’t keep at bay). It’s a lovely little escape from my own troubles, especially since Kim herself is remarkably self-possessed and almost Zen-like in the way she moves through life.

    That plus a glass of wine or even a hot cup of tea, curled up in those soft hotel sheets with the lights dim, is just the perfect low-energy evening.

    1. @Riley – I’ve never actually seen the Kardashian show, but I suspect I might enjoy Kim.

  6. I also enjoy watching television in the hotel for my work travel. I watch Jimmy Fallon (which I never watch at home) and bonus when I’m in Central time cause it comes on at 1030 instead of 1130 on the East!!

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