Belated Memorial Day weekend post: Getting started on the summer fun list

I posted my 2019 summer fun list last week, and during the first long weekend of summer we managed to cross three items off!

We went strawberry picking at Maple Acres Farms in Plymouth Meeting on Saturday morning. This little farm is a lot more chill than Linvilla, the major pick-your-own farm around here (though Linvilla can be great too, and has a playground and such, which can come in handy). It was a quick outing, because the kids managed to fill their buckets quickly. The strawberries were really red and ripe! Miraculously, this turned out to be one of those rare activities that was actually fun for the whole family. The 12-year-old expressed some Standard Adolescent Displeasure about being dragged along, but then seemed to enjoy himself too. We made strawberry shortcake and ate a ton of berries over the next three days.

On Sunday night, we made it to member night at the zoo. Cartoon characters posed for pictures and gave autographs, but thankfully the children didn’t demand to wait in any of those lines. Instead, we just made a quick trip to our favorite spots, and enjoyed being at the zoo when it wasn’t burning hot and the animals were a little more active.

On Monday we drove to Ocean Grove on the New Jersey shore. The water was freezing (hopefully it will warm up before we come back around July 4th!) but the sand and sun were nice. We ended the trip with a walk to Day’s for our usual ice cream cones. I ordered my first chocolate peanut butter scoop in a sugar cone of the summer. Hopefully it won’t be the last!

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